How To Use My Brest Friend Pillow In 2 Easy Steps

You’ll only go through two steps on how to use My Brest Friend pillow. It’s always useful to understand the usage of nursing pillows like this to get the most of the product. This article will even teach you how to attach the pillow correctly and comfortably.

But first, what is the My Brest Friend Pillow? From the name itself, this pillow is an excellent nursing helper. You’ll wrap it around your body, and it will stay put to prop your little one. Thanks to its design, you can say goodbye to the days where feeding sessions are uncomfortable!

How To Use My Brest Friend Pillow


Step By Step Guide On How To Use My Brest Friend Pillow


Step #1. Placement

According to the company’s official website, you can use their original, deluxe, professional, and travel nursing pillows similarly. These pillows’ unique shape means you have to position the product at your waste. Check for the pillow’s placement so that the backrest is behind you and you have the clasp on the right side. 

Find the height that you find comfortable for breastfeeding, and then fasten the velcro for security. You can also use the clasp to close the My Brest Friend Pillow. But what about adjustments?


Step #2. Adjustment

What’s useful with this nursing pillow is adjusting the strap to get the perfect fit for your body. This way, your baby’s head is supported, and the pillow will help him latch on comfortably and safely. Once done, you’ll squeeze the buckle to release the clasp and remove the product. 

The emphasis is necessary that you still need to hold your little one while nursing. My Brest Frend is just meant to help your little one latch. Please read below about the tips for breastfeeding. 


How To Breastfeed With My Brest Friend Pillow

Now that you have a general idea of using the My Brest Friend pillow, you must remember these additional tips when breastfeeding with it. For example, the pillow’s zippered side should be facing down when you wrap the pillow around you. You also want to check the pillow’s lumbar cushion so that it can do its job well of relieving back discomfort. 



The pillow should lay on your lap comfortably before you position your baby. Then, hold your little one to face you and support his upper body by placing your thumb below and behind one ear and the other by your index finger. Guide your baby so that his chin is close to your breast, and support yourself using your thumb and index finger to compress your breast in front of his nose to help him nurse. 



This technique aligns your nipple with your baby’s nose so that you can touch his upper lip with the nipple for guidance. Your baby should instinctively open his mouth, which is your cue to pull his chin first closer to you. As support, compress your breast until your baby is actively feeding. 


What Is My Brest Friend Pillow?

The My Brest Friend pillow is not just your typical U-shaped nursing pillow. What makes it unique is its overall shape and combination of features. As discussed in how to use one, it is meant to wrap around your body. However, it also has back, arm, and elbow rests to prevent pain in these regions. 

You’ll also like its pocket so you can easily reach your nursing accessories without disturbing your feeding baby. The materials themselves are composed of a plush covered firm cushion that’s not irritating to you and your baby’s skin. You can also adjust it with one hand using the velcro strap, and all you need to remove it is the noise-free clip so that you can keep your little one comfortable. 


Types of My Brest Friend Pillows


Original and Deluxe

The original nursing pillow uses a wrap-around shape with a backrest, armrest, and elbow rests. It also has a silent-release strap and pocket for nursing items. The brand uses a firm cushion covered with a soft cover with a zipper.  There’s also the deluxe version that uses more delicate fabric, durable slipcover, and you can adjust the strap and release the buckle with one hand.



The professional pillow is so-called because it is used in hospitals and breastfeeding demonstrations. This is because it’s easy to clean, and you’ll just wipe it for next use. 



My Brest Friend has a product for those who prefer eco-friendly pillows. The cover is 100% organic cotton and bamboo without any chemicals. According to the company, these materials are also grown with environmental consciousness in mind. 


Inflatable Travel 

The inflatable travel pillow is like the lightweight version of the original nursing pillow. Since it’s inflatable, you can quickly store and carry it around while traveling. 


Twin Plus and Professional Twin Plus

The twin plus pillow is excellent for feeding twins, and plus sizes, complete with adjustable back support. It also has a soft zippered cover that is easy to clean. Furthermore, it has a professional version for hospitals and classes.



Checking out different nursing pillows is useful to help you find the best match. For example, why not learn how to use My Brest Friend pillow? Perhaps this is the nursing pillow that you’ve been looking for. 

Start by positioning the product to yourself and then make the necessary adjustments to find what’s comfortable. Guide and support your little one using the tips discussed, and you’re nursing session should be stress-free.