How To Use Nursing Pillow. 3 Steps To Know

You can quickly master how to use nursing pillow correctly in three steps. We must know the proper way of using a nursing pillow for ourselves and our little ones’ optimal comfort and safety. More so, you’ll only get the most of this nifty pillow if you know how to use it correctly. 

Pillows like the Boppy pillow have gain popularity among moms. You can use it for nursing, but it can also work as a supportive pillow. With proper knowledge, perhaps you can use your nursing pillow beyond nursing as well. 

How To Use Nursing Pillow

However, what is the best way to use a nursing pillow while breastfeeding?


How To Use A Nursing Pillow


Step #1. Preparation

Before anything else, you need to prepare everything for nursing. You want to breastfeed somewhere comfortable and quiet to avoid stress and distraction. If the area is quiet, it should also feel more relaxing for you to breastfeed. 

The best position for nursing is sitting with back support, and your feet elevated in a footrest. You should also have something to support your arms and your little one, where the nursing pillow can be useful. Place the pillow tight against your body so that it will be staying in place throughout the session. 


Step #2. Positioning

Once you have the pillow close to your body, you should position it in a way that’s accurate to its design. Remember that some nursing pillows are meant to wrap around the body, while some are only meant to lay across your lap. After placing the pillow accordingly, plan how you need to hold your baby. 

You can choose from various positions, so select the one that suits your nursing pillow. Some basic pointers to remember is that your baby should be facing your nipple, and his chin is touching your breast and then his nose. Once done, pull him closer while supporting his back. 

The nursing pillow will be there to support your elbows when you lift your baby or as something to raise your little one to help him reach your breast. Your hand should act as your little one’s second neck, and your breast shouldn’t uncomfortably rub against his chin. Let his chin touch the breast and then his nose as you guide him. 


Step #3. Cleaning up

The final step in using the nursing pillow is the clean-up after each session. Remember that it’s typical for babies to unlatch unexpectedly, so you must be prepared to clean spills and even spit ups. Your nursing pillow should always stay clean as well. 

Some pillows have removable inserts or covers that you can clean separately. Check the pillow label if you can use a washer to clean them and then dry them thoroughly before using. Remember to follow the instructions to maintain your pillow and help it last longer.


How To Hold Your Baby While Nursing

As mentioned earlier, your breastfeeding position should suit the nursing pillow you’re using. Some common styles of nursing pillows include straightforward pillows that you’ll just place on your lap, but some wrap around your waist or have a U or C-shape design for you and your baby’s support. Here are the best breastfeeding positions to further guide you. 


Cradle hold

The most common position for breastfeeding is having your baby’s stomach against you. You’re supporting him with the arm on the same side of where you’re baby is nursing. You can have the nursing pillow under your elbow during the cradle hold position.


Cross-cradle hold

If you’re nursing a newborn, the cross-cradle hold is ideal because it is supportive for babies who are still learning to latch. You’ll be supporting him with the arm opposite to where you’re nursing, hence the name, and you can also use a nursing pillow similar to the cradle hold position. Check if your baby’s neck and back are aligned while supporting his head with your hand and the rest of his body with the rest of your arm. 


Clutch hold

If you’re breastfeeding twins, you can consider the clutch hold position or football hold. You’ll have the nursing pillow to support your baby and then use your arm to help him reach your breast. Then, tuck your little one’s legs and feet under your arm as you cradle him closer. 


Lying back

Some moms are experiencing pain after childbirth, so they’ll need more support. You can recline or lie on your back where your head and neck are supported. Then, lay your baby with his stomach down and head level with your breast without bending his neck.  


Upright baby

If you have an older baby, he might be able to support his head and nurse while sitting upright. He can lean against your arm for support or have his legs wrapped around your side. Then, check if his neck and back are in a neutral position. 



You can have a comfortable breastfeeding experience by knowing the basics, and this includes learning how to use nursing pillow correctly. Start by preparing the area and your position to ensure a relaxing session for you and your little one.

Your position should complement the design of the nursing pillow you’re using. The pillow will support your arm that’s holding your baby, or it can elevate the baby to help him reach your breast. Afterward, check the pillow’s label on how to clean the pillow if needed.