Homeowners’ Guide 101: How To Use Mold Armor Effectively

Mold can indeed be invasive and pernicious, which is why removing them should be a top priority for homeowners. Knowing how to use mold armor might be the answer to your mold-riddled nightmare.

You will learn in this article two ways on how you can use mold armor to kill and eliminate all the mold in your house.

how to use mold armor


What Is Mold Armor?

Finding mold in your space and property can be jarring since it could potentially threaten your health. Don’t panic, though. You may be able to remove this fungus yourself by using mold armor.

Mold armor is a cleaning formula that you can find on a local or online store. You can use it to remove and eliminate mold in your house or apartment. This cleaning product is ideal for cleaning interior surfaces such as tile, toilets, showerheads, countertops, sinks, and more.

You can also use mold armor on exterior surfaces such as your patio or porch. To know more about removing mold from your concrete patio, you can turn to this article for information. 


Steps On Using Mold Armor

There are two different ways on how you can use mold armor properly. 


Method #1. Spraying

If the mold you set your eyes on removing is inside the house, the advisable cleaning method is spraying. 


Step #1. Prepare everything you will need

Mold armor is a relatively easy cleaning agent to find. You can visit local stores that sell cleaning supplies near you and ask if they have one in stock. Shopping online is also an option.

It might be better to use rubber gloves if you have sensitive skin. It is to minimize the chances of irritation. If you are using the product indoors, make sure to open the windows or door for ventilation and use a mask as this product has a strong chemical scent.

After preparing your cleaning supplies and protective gear, you will need to check your house or apartment for molds. Do a thorough inspection to catch every mold spot. To help, here is an informative guide on how to check your apartment for mold.


Step #2. Spray the mold armor

Spray the formula on the spot. Ensure that you cover the entire area or surface with mold on it. Wait for a few minutes.


Step #3. Rinse and wipe 

After a few minutes, rinse the formula with water. You can also wipe the spot using a cloth, paper towel, or wet sponge. 

Once the area or spot is dry, inspect it for any leftover mold or stain. You must remove all the mold to stop it from growing and resettling back on that spot. If there is residue left, you can repeat steps 2 and 3.

If the mold is proving to be stubborn, scrub it. After applying the formula on the spot, scrub the area thoroughly. Let the formula sit for a few minutes before rinsing it.


Method #2. Pressure washing

Mold can form anywhere, including on exterior surfaces. For high areas, you may use the spraying method and a ladder.

Although, that is not precisely the safest method. Another solution for this is to use pressure washing. 


Step #1. Prepare everything

You will need a pressure washer to start. While a pressure washer has the power to remove the mold itself, adding in mold armor can improve its mold-killing performance.

The mold armor can efficiently kill off the mold and reduce its chances of growing back. There are some mold armor products that you can use on pressure washers. You can use gloves, a mask, and safety goggles for extra safety measures. 


Step #2. Use pressure washer

Add the formula to the detergent tank of a pressure washer. Wash the surface with the cleaner and let sit for a couple of minutes. 


Step #3. Rinse

Rinse the area well with water. Repeat step 2 if there is any leftover mold.

Aside from a pressure washer, you could also use a tank sprayer for exterior surfaces. Just fill the tank with the product and spray it on the area. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse. 


Is Mold Armor Safe?

It is relatively safe to use as long as you follow the manufacturer’s directions. However, it is crucial to note any specific directions about ventilation and protective equipment. It is highly recommended to use a face mask since most mold armors have strong smells.

It would be best to follow any directions to wear gloves when using the product to prevent skin irritation. Mold armor products have sodium hypochlorite, a primary ingredient used in household bleach, and sodium carbonate, a salt compound typically found on laundry detergents. It means that it contains chemicals that could be a poor fit for people with allergies. 

Ensure that mold armor is out of children’s and pets’ reach. Thoroughly wash your hands after using the product to avoid irritating your skin and eyes. 



Now that you know how to use mold armor, you can finally start dealing with those stubborn mold creeping on dark corners of your property. You are now ready and equipped to combat mold and prevent them from resettling back in. It is now just a matter of how to prevent it from happening again.

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