How To Use Dyson Hair Dryer Attachments? 5 Best Ways!

Are you wondering how to use Dyson hair dryer attachments? The Dyson hairdryer is famous for being a rounder. Unlike other dryers, Dyson works for all hair using exciting attachments. But people don’t know exactly how to use it. All of these attachments work for different purposes. For instance, Gentle hair attachment is used for styling scalps and wide-tooth for curls.

It keeps adjusting heat to avoid any hair damaged by excessive heat. It computes the air temperature 40 times in one second. It has four heat settings and three-speed settings. Its velocity is relatively high, which works fastest but with accuracy.

We can purchase all the attachments separately also. These work best to give our hair more volume, shine, and strength. Dyson is the best choice if someone is always in a hurry and doesn’t want to work hard to get their hair done. It gives perfect results in less time with tools including the concentrator, diffuser, and nozzle.


Ways To Use Dyson Hair Dryer Attachments

Initially, Dyson had only two attachments, but later on, it included the comb, flyaway, and the stand. See below to find out how to use dyson hair dryer attachments.


#1. Flyaway attachments

Flyaway attachment is a tool made specifically for Dyson hair dryers. It gives a Saint-style Coanda effect to our hair by hiding flyaways. There is no need to use excessive heat to smooth flyaways and strands. The flyaway tool elevated the long inches on the front and intensified their shine.

Firstly, attach it with the dryers and take it to the head top. Slowly bring it from the top to the bottom hair attached to the attachments. The heat setting for flyaway depends on the type of hair. If you are getting thinner hair, then using low heat is better, but if you need to cover more inches at once, you will have to use high heat settings. We can style our back head hair also. For this, adjust the Dyson to 45 degrees and then start repeating the same procedure by taking it slowly from top to bottom.

Flyaway can be used to make flicks also. But it needs to be done with care because you can use it on the ends. Although if you want to give a little bit look, then keep the temperature lower. When you are done styling with the flyaway attachment, avoid touching it immediately as it gets scalding after continuous use. Here you will need to remove and warp it by holding the edges.


#2. Wide-tooth comb attachment

A wide-tooth comb is majorly made for curly hair. It gives volume and a perfect shape to the hair and provides length and blowouts to the curls as they get dried. Additionally, it straightens the curls without damaging or burning them.

Apply a nourishing cream to the hair. Attach the comb with the Dyson by twisting it lightly. Comb your hair from top to bottom just like an ordinary comb. After this, turn the setting to the cold shot and repeat the same procedure. In the end, lengthen the hair in smaller sections to modify them. It is durable, works best on damp hair, and efficiently removes the tangles. So as it gives its hundred percent results without damaging, it is worth the price. 


#3. Gentle air attachment

Gentle air attachments are designed for Dyson dryers to give a smoother and lighter flow to the sensitive scalps. It works by diffusing the air to provide tender, cool air. Not only this, it dries out the hair faster. Firstly, start with damp hair. Attach the gentle air and go to the heat settings. Set the heat to low and speed to the medium. Now blow-dry all the scalps for gentle drying. It is used for straight, coily, curly, and wavy hair. For better results, use volumizing spray and take it close to hair roots. Shape the ends first with the attachment and set with fingers.


#4. Concentrator

Styling concentrators are used to style specific sections of hair by sharply focusing on only that part of them that you want to style. As the air comes with high velocity, it doesn’t ruin other sections of ours. Cover that section of the hair around the brush you want to style. Attach the concentrator to the Dyson and start styling it at high speed. During the process, roll inward and outward. Set the hair gently and with a brush or with fingers.


#5. Smoothing nozzle and diffuser

Using a diffuser is so exciting and time-saving. On damp hair, apply the cream and attach the diffuser. Set the setting to low air and high heat. Use diffusion on hair section by section and lift them to the scalp as the hair dries. Once you are done with this, turn the Dyson to cold shot for long-lasting style. On the other hand, the nozzle gives a smoother finish to the hair. Here’s how to use a hair dryer diffuser.


It’s A Wrap!

Dyson can work magically if you know how to use Dyson hair dryer attachments. All of them together make our lives easier and time. Go for the Dyson and get salon-style hair at home anytime. Know how to choose hair dryer and Dyson hair dryers.

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