How To Use A Wood Stove Damper? 3 Easy Steps To Follow!

How to use a wood stove damper? Since the era of bringing or having an idea to bring fire indoors, wood stoves have been must-haves because it is the only way that we see to bring that idea to life. Also, wood stoves were the only device at their prime to contain and maintain the fire. Until now, that innovation is still up to use by many people due to its usefulness.

Now, what is a damper? If you don’t have any ideas of what it does, it helps you manipulate the fire and controls the airflow in the firebox whenever the door is being closed. You can use the fire by opening and closing it depending on how hot and fast it burns; it is all up to you if you want to.

how to use a wood stove damper

Regardless of that, let us move on to the other parts of the topic in this article. You might want to learn some things if you’ll need them in the future. And without further ado, let us now dive into the topic. You might learn something important from this so, keep an eye and take note whenever you see one.


Steps To Use A Wood Stove Damper

Since some of you may be unfamiliar with how a damper works, we are here to help you figure that out. It is easy to even for a beginner like you. In that case, here are some steps that you might want to follow in case needed for usage. So, how to use a wood stove damper?


Step #1. Preheating your wood stove

Since there still might be ashes left in your wood stove, it is ideal that you don’t want to clean them first since we will need them to preheat the woodstove. Now when the furnace is turned on, you’ll want to start a fire immediately though, it is not required to put a lot since you will only use it for preheating your device.

Let it heat until it is enough to function correctly.

After that, open the doors and make sure that your damper is upright as it indicates how much heat you’ll want to lose in your wood stove when used for later. Make sure that the damper is open so that all the smoke doesn’t get restricted.


Step #2. Adding wood to the woodstove

Now that the device is preheated, it is now time to open the door. However, be careful since it is boiling due to the preheating. Next, add the wood inside the door, ensuring that you fill it up to the correct amount of your choice.

Once you’ve got a good fire or heat momentum, it just means that you got an excellent airflow movement happening to go through. And with that, it means that we’ll have to move on to our next step so that you will now regulate the damper to the correct position or place that you want it to be. To add some information, read on how to line a wood stove with fire brick.


Step #3. Regulating your damper

Since the damper is in an open position, we’ll have to make some adjustments, or the regulation process won’t work well for you. To do that, turn or regulate the damper slightly towards the right so that all the smoke will eventually come out of the chimney. At about a three-quarter position, it is the normal regulation for stoves.

A damper, which restricts the heat loss with the help of a chimney, has a lot of adjustments going on with it. And with that, you’ll have to figure out the best setting for you to go with since it doesn’t work the same for everybody. To understand better, know how to use a wood stove damper

Remember; always turn it right if you need an adjustment with the airflow.

As this is the last part of the process, there aren’t many steps that you’ll need to know whenever dealing with a damper. Though at least you already have an idea about what’s going to happen when you use it. It isn’t that hard to learn, so even a beginner can get a hold of this in just weeks or even days when read carefully.


It’s A Wrap!

Knowing how to use a wood stove damper gives you a significant advantage, especially if you’re a first-timer of owning or having a wood stove at home. Though it isn’t your cup of tea, I can recommend you to some other stoves that you might like. It functions the same, too; there only maybe a slight difference with it, though. If I were you, know how to control a fireplace damper

Regardless, I hope you have learned a lot about this topic that we’ve discussed today. Keep hold of these steps and important keywords as they might come in handy for future purposes. If not, you can always come back to this topic and read more about it whenever you need a helping hand with dealing with these things. Do you want to read more about stove articles? Read on where to buy wood stove pellets. Thank you for reading! 

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