How To Use A Mattress Topper? 4 Easy Steps

Are you wondering how to use a mattress topper? Mattresses belong to the major investments at home. They can last for 10 years or more.

So whether you have recently purchased a new mattress or you simply want to make a simple makeover to the existing one, get a mattress topper!

how to use a mattress topper

This can make a great difference to either of the two.

But I know you might not understand how to properly use it yet, just like other mattress accessories out there.

Perhaps, you might be wondering where to put it – on top or below the sheets? Or whether or not it is necessary to have this?

Right here in this post, we will give answers to your questions.

So read until the end to know how to properly use a mattress topper as well as any other details related to it.

But before we get right into the proper way of using a mattress topper, let us first tackle the basics.


What Is A Mattress Topper?

Basically, a mattress topper is a cushioned and removable layer that is designed to fit underneath and above the sheets.

Although there is a variety of materials used in making this, they serve the same function which is to provide your mattress with an extra layer of comfort and luxury.


Why Should You Get A Mattress Topper?

There are a lot of reasons why it is a good idea to add a mattress topper to your bedding collection.

Let us cover each of them one by one.


#1. Can transform mattresses that are too firm

Although firm mattresses can provide a certain level of support, of course, you wouldn’t want to feel like sleeping on a bed of rocks.

Just because the mattress is a bit too firm than what you wanted, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t purchase it anymore.

Or if what you already have is too firm, you should buy another already. Instead, you can just add a mattress topper.

This can be the best remedy for this because a mattress topper can make it softer and a bit comfier to sleep on, leading to deeper sleep.


#2. Perfect for worn-out mattresses

If your mattress does not look and feel good anymore, are you considering buying a new one already?

But what if there is one remedy left to avoid spending that amount of cash? What I meant is to try adding a mattress pad into it first.

Your shabby mattress can breathe a new life by putting another layer of the cushion into it.

Plus, you can afford it at a fraction of the cost.

Although it cannot provide the same comfort as new mattresses, it is an economical and smart choice as it can add few more years to your mattress.


#3. Adding skeletal support

We know for a fact that our spines are naturally curved.

However, we tend to exaggerate this form by spending most of our time hunching over our smart devices or personal computers leading to back pains.

Fortunately, a mattress topper helps in alleviating such a kind of discomfort.

A lot of mattress topper models are strategically designed to provide amazing support and relieve pressures along with your shoulder and hip bones at the same time.


#4. Keeping the mattress clean

We often use mattress protectors to keep dust mites and allergens away.

But this is not the only layer that can provide such benefits.

Premium quality mattress toppers are proven to do the same.

It can ward off all types of bacteria and even bugs resulting in a peaceful sleep.

Moreover, if there is nothing between your mattress and sheets, then all your sweat will be trapped underneath.

This is also true with any liquid that can occur, as well as bed-wetting.

Fortunately, you need not breathe the smell of those if you have a mattress topper that can work great in these circumstances.


#5. Keeps the bed cool

In the first few years, laying on a memory foam would feel so great.

However, as time passes you will notice that it is not doing what it is supposed to do anymore.

Instead of cooling you off, it makes you sticky and humid by trapping the heat of your body.

In such a case, getting a mattress topper made of breathable wool can be the most effective move.

This type of fabric is good at wick away excessive moisture while cooling down the gel at the same time.

As a result, you will sleep comfortably all night long.


4 Steps To Use A Mattress Topper

Installing a mattress topper seems pretty basic.

But there is a certain way of doing it that can make the process even easier for you.

Here are the steps on how to use a mattress topper:


Step #1. Remove the packaging of the mattress topper

The topper will start off-gassing and expanding after this.


Step #2. Air out your mattress topper for 24 hours

A day will be enough for it to expand into its maximum volume and for the smell to evaporate.


Step #3. Aligning the mattress

Now, it’s time for you to align the mattress topper with the mattress. This step is very easy, right?


Step #4. Get your sheets

After getting your sheets, cover both the mattress topper and the mattress itself.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know how and where to use a mattress topper, you can now sleep comfortably on a too-firm new mattress or the shabby old one.

There are only 4 easy steps on how to use a mattress topper.

Apply what you have learned above and everything will just be a breeze!