How To Store A Mattress Topper The Best Way

There are two steps to understand how to store a mattress topper correctly. We will discuss both in great detail to help you keep your mattress topper in its “top” shape. But why is proper storage necessary? 

Mattress toppers are what immediately receive the pressure when you lie on the bed. Therefore, storing it shouldn’t be overlooked to avoid deforming the structure. This way, it will keep the supportive form until your next use.

How To Store A Mattress Topper


How Do You Store A Mattress Topper?


Step #1. Clean it first



Like storing a mattress, you should clean your mattress topper first. This will help extend its lifespan during storage and avoid pests from accumulating. If insects, dirt, or bacteria get trapped with the topper, it can get damaged. 


Spot treat

Remove everything on your topper and vacuum the surface to eliminate the build-up of particles. You can then check for stains and remove them with a cloth soaked and wrung in mild detergent. There are many homemade stain removers that you can use to spot clean your topper, so please check the ideal one for the stains you’re dealing with. 

Once you gently remove the stains, blot the excess residue and liquid with another clean towel. Remember not to get your mattress topper soaked with any liquid type as dampness can encourage mold growth. You must dry it thoroughly before storage. 



Finally, freshen the mattress topper by sprinkling baking soda on the surface. Let the baking soda sit for an hour or two to absorb the remaining moisture and odor on the mattress topper. Vacuum it off and let your topper air dry outside on a sunny day. 

You can hasten the drying process with a blow dryer’s heatless setting or place the topper somewhere ventilated with circulating fans. This last process should freshen it further and kill any remaining organisms on the topper. Once done, check the recommendations of your manufacturer for rolling or folding of the topper. 


Step #2. Roll and store

Most mattress toppers allow rolling to make it more compact and comfortable to store. However, be mindful of folding because it can deform and crack the topper permanently. Once rolled, place it in a storage bag that fits well with the size of your mattress topper. 

An ideal protective bag is vacuum-sealed to keep liquids and other contaminants from accumulating in the topper. You can also use a mattress bag and seal it with your vacuum hose. Then, tape the ends to secure the bag. 

Finally, place the bag somewhere dry like a closet. Never use your basement as it gets humid and moist that can encourage mildew or mold. Some users even get a storage unit because it allows them to control the humidity and temperature easier.


How Long Should You Keep A Mattress Topper?

You can keep your mattress topper stored for up to six months or let it breathe twice a year to avoid developing damage to the material. After all, being rolled for an extended period can change the structure of any foam. You can also check the recommendations of your manufacturer for your peace of mind. 


How long does a mattress topper last?

Toppers vary in expected lifespans, depending on their quality. Some can last up to three years, but some last longer at five years. You have to consider how you use it or how thick the material is as they affect mattress toppers’ longevity. 


When to replace your mattress topper

You can replace your mattress topper if you feel a loss of comfort or support. You might toss and turn throughout the night more often, or you wake up with body pain due to poor sleeping posture. You can also check if the topper has developed tears and holes. 

Another sign that it’s time to get a new mattress topper is mold growth. Not only is it gross, but the spores can cause allergies and irritation. And finally, old and worn-down mattress toppers usually have stains and odors that are hard to remove regardless of how well you clean them. 


Do You Have To Let A Mattress Topper Air Out?

It would be best if you waited for your mattress topper to air out thoroughly before using it. This can be applicable for new mattress toppers or if it has been stored for a long time. You can leave it in a ventilated room and use it after the foam has expanded completely. 

Check the recommended time by your manufacturer before using your mattress topper. It can be after an hour or a whole day. Airing it out should also help with off-gassing for the odor to dissipate quickly. 

The mattress topper should be ready to use once it has finished off-gassing and if it has reached its intended dimensions. 



Proper keeping of mattress toppers can help them last longer. Knowing how to store a mattress topper will also keep dirt, mold, and insects at bay. To start, clean your topper by vacuuming it off and treating the stains. 

Sprinkle some baking soda on the surface and let it sit for an hour. Vacuum it off again and let your mattress air dry completely before putting it in your storage bag. Once done, place it somewhere dry since moisture and humidity can encourage mildew.