How To Use A Hair Dryer Bonnet? 4 Easy Steps!

Did someone recommend bonnet hairdryers, and are you looking for a complete procedure on how to use a hair dryer bonnet? Using a bonnet hair dryer is much easier and more convenient than traditional blow dryers. You made the right choice if you are planning to buy a bonnet hair dryer attachment and will not regret it later. 

Don’t be confused between the bonnet and hooded hairdryer as there is a clear difference between both of them. A bonnet dryer is an attachment to connect with a standard hairdryer. Heat comes from the dryer and makes the whole hair care routine hands-free. It is less expensive than the hood dryers, and you don’t need to empty your bank balance to buy the bonnet hair dryer attachment.

how to use a hair dryer bonnet

On the other hand, a hood hairdryer is just what you can call a salon one. It is connected to a stand, you have to sit on a chair, and it fixes your head. Air comes from a hose through the hairdryer machine. You have to sit in a fixed position until your hair is dry. You can read some magazines or scroll down your Facebook or Reddit timeline at this time. What’s a better way to relax than this one?  


Why Should You Say Goodbye To A Hand-held Blow Dryer?

It’s time to say bye-bye to your blow dryer because it just sore your arms and damages your hair. But, a bonnet hair dryer is helpful and efficient while drying your dryer with minimum hair loss. It is a perfect choice for you if you are frustrated due to hair loss and faded hair color because of using a blow dryer regularly. 


Steps To Use A Bonnet Hair Dryer

The actual process of drying your hair is nothing but a breeze with a bonnet hairdryer. Scroll down to find out the steps on how to use a hair dryer bonnet.


Step #1. Roughdry the hair 

The first thing you have to do after a shower is to dry hair roughly with a towel to remove all the dripping water. Then, plug in the dryer but don’t turn the switch on.


Step #2. Attach the bonnet with the blow dryer

You have to attach the hose connected to the bonnet or cap. Elastic is attached at the end of the hose. You have to fix it correctly on the dryer’s mouth. Gather your hair and make a bun if you have long hair. There is no need to do anything if you have short hair.


Step #3. Wear the cap

Wear the cap on your head and pull the draw strip to fix the hat according to your head size. Suppose you think that the cap is not sitting correctly on your chair. Wear the chinstrap to make the whole experience comfortable and relaxing.


Step #4. Turn the dryer on

Plugin the dryer and turn the switch on. Then, sit on a chair and set the dryer in the correct place to receive even air across your head. Hot air will fill in the bonnet as it does in a balloon. I assure you that you will be looking cool and chic wearing a balloon filled with air on your head. It may be helpful to read about how to use hair brush dryer.


Time Spend Is Worth The Results

We girls crave volumized, silky, shiny, frizz-free hair. Bonnet dryer’s all-in-one feature makes it everyone’s go-to hair drying and styling product. There isn’t a single girl who won’t try it after knowing all its unique features and functions if you are worried because your friends tell you that it takes a lot of time to remove the moisture from your damp hair with the bonnet dryer. 

It would be best to tell them that the time is worth than your hair shine and a glamorous look as half of our beauty is hidden in our hairs. And, one should not hesitate to enhance their beauty as we are always trying to improve our brain’s performance. But beauty wants attention too. 


Excellent Stylist

Bonnet dryer not only serves the purpose of drying your hair, but this tool becomes super beneficial when it comes to styling according to your choice and preferences. Suppose you want to flaunt a braid hairstyle and dry your hair at the same time with less effort. Then roughdry them after doing the bath and make one or two side braids. Wear the bonnet, and you will get a perfect hairstyle and thoroughly dried hair after 20-45 minutes.


Double Up The Conditioning Experience

Are you dealing with rough hair, and conditioning isn’t benefiting you? It would help if you tried it with the bonnet hairdryer. Correctly apply the conditioner from root to tips and wear the shower cap. Wear the bonnet on the lid and let it do the magic. Hot air coming from the tiny openings of the bonnet dryer will spread the conditioner evenly and deeply inside your hair cuticle and scalp. Here’s how to deep condition hair.


It’s A Wrap!

We are wrapping up our guide on how to use a bonnet hair dryer for flawless and free-flowing hair. You should love your hair too, and they will love you back in the form of a shiny, glossy, and frizz-free texture. Hopefully, you’ve learned from this article how to use a hair dryer bonnet.

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