How To Clean Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Filter? 4 Easy Steps!

The Revlon One-Step dryer flared up as one of the best dryers, but the only problem users find is how to clean Revlon one-step hair dryer filter? We can figure out this tangled situation with the help of some accessories like scissors, detergents, brushes, and cloth.

The reason behind Revlon dryer’s popularity is that it offers both a blow dryer and a round brush in one, so we can say that it is two in one dryer.

how to clean Revlon one-step hair dryer filter

Sometimes we may feel like our dryer is not good enough anymore. It seems damaged and weak, but it is not. It needs to be cleaned from time to time. The dirt, debris, and even our hairs can make it work slower. Cleaning the filter of our hairdryer saves our money. But how? When we don’t give much importance to cleaning the dryers, we will have to buy the new one as the previous one got clogged. Before going through this troubling situation, let’s try to find a better solution: how to clean the Revlon one-step hair dryer filter.


Steps To Clean Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Filter

It is obvious. No one wants newly showered clean hairs to get messed up with dirt. It is better to clean it before using it. We can also follow the steps below to clean the tools like brushes, double slots, and other hot tools. Here are the steps on how to clean Revlon one-step hair dryer filter:


Step #1. Collecting accessories

First of all, we will need a scissor, which is used to cut all the hairs tangled in the brush. A detergent that we will use to clean the filter thoroughly. Detergent is mixed with water. Shampoo can also be used because of its beautiful smell, but as it can’t clean some stains and remove grease, detergent is preferred. The third one is the toothbrush. It is used to clean the dryer’s brush. And the last one is a piece of cloth used to wipe all the dirty stuff out of the filter.


Step #2. Cutting tangled hair

First of all, before we wash the dryer with detergent, we will have to remove all the hairs that affect our dryer’s functioning. Sometimes we do this with our hands also. But it is not convenient when we have a lot of hair stuck there, and we don’t have enough time to fix this. Then it is better to use scissors. The direction to us is both vertical and horizontal. It can also b used to remove residue from the slots with the scissor tip. This step needs much care and attention; otherwise, we can cut off the bristles by mistake.


Step #3. Brushing with the detergent

We shall mix the detergent in water and spray it on the filter brush. If we directly use that liquid on the brush instead of spraying, it will surely make it out of order. We must keep in mind that it is an electric appliance, so it must be used cautiously. That’s why use sprays instead of making it wet. 

Now it is time for brushing it rigorously. Toothbrushes are best for this process because of their perfect size and brush position on the top. The type of brush won’t affect the quality of the dryer’s brush. We will clean the bristles just like we remove the hairs out of them. Brush will clean every strand from all sides, making it fresh and new.

Still, if hairs are left in the bristles, we can use our hands and scissors again. Because after applying detergent to something, the debris and everything stuck there gets soft, so it becomes easy to remove it. We will notice the residue coming out of detergent; here, it is time to use a towel or cloth to wipe so that the motor will be saved from getting wet.


Step #4. Using a towel to clean

Using water directly on any electric appliance is risky. We would never recommend doing this. Always use a piece of cloth or damp towel for this purpose. It will not only wipe but clean all the remains of the dirt and detergent left there, giving a brand new dryer filter. For drying the barrel, using a lint-free towel is better. After this process, the dryer needs to be kept aside for some time to get dried. 


When To Clean?

As we have found the solution for how to clean Revlon one-step hair dryer filter, now we are going to know how often we should repeat the process to keep it functioning perfectly. It usually is advised to clean hot styling tools twice a month. But a dryer is being used frequently, so it’s better to wash it three times a month. Know how to clean a hair dryer filter too.


It’s A Wrap!

After undergoing all the steps for how to clean Revlon one-step hairdryer filter, we have come to know that it may seem quite convenient, but doing it needs much care. If we ignore cleaning it, it will, in turn, insert all the debris in our hairs. Follow all the steps discussed above to have a brand new dryer in your hands. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to clean hair dryer filter and how to clean a hair dryer.

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