How To Uninstall Washer And Dryer? 8 Easy Steps!

Do you wish to know how to uninstall washer and dryer? This article will assist you in knowing the uninstallation of the washer and dryer. Without further ado, let’s get started reading this article. The washers and dryers were long-lasting equipment, and also most individuals fix them whenever they suddenly break down.

However, you will have to replace these appliances after a time. For many households, uninstalling the old washer-dryer may be a difficult task since they are sometimes nestled into tiny locations and are hefty.

how to uninstall washer and dryer

Although uninstalling outdated machines would not be a pleasant way to spend a night, the washer and dryer may eventually fail. Somebody will have to uninstall the old washer or dryer if you do have an old washer or dryer or just wish to switch with something new. The person maybe you. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to uninstall the washer and dryer.


Steps To Uninstall Washer And Dryer

Uninstalling a washer and dryer is difficult, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to know how to uninstall washer and dryer.


Step #1. The gas supply must be turned off

If you have a gasoline dryer, contact the gas provider to figure out how to cut off the gas. If you’re switching from a gas dryer to an electric dryer, the gas company official will come out and disconnect the dryer’s line from the primary gas line into the house.


Step #2. Disconnect the breakers

Disconnect the washing and dryer circuit breakers. Just disconnect the dryer from the wall if this is electrical. To unhook the plug, you’ll likely need pliers or a tool.


Step #3. Disconnect the drainage lines

Disconnect the washer connection from the drainage pipe and cover the washer edge of the cable with a cloth or towel to collect any drips. To prevent dripping on the floor, put the hose’s end within the washer or even in a waterproof container or pail.


Step #4. Turn off the washer hose 

Shut off the taps to the washer. Hooks are on the cold and hot water tubes that go up a wall from the floor. When turning the tap off on both cold and hot ends of the pipework, twist these clockwise.


Step #5. Uninstall the hose

Twist the hoses counterclockwise to remove them from the water pipes. A drain hose, as well as the free ends of the hoses, could be placed within the washer.


Step #6. Move the washer around

If the washer has already been lying in one spot for a lot longer, wiggle things a little bit to get it off the ground. Put the washer just on the equipment dolly’s bottom platform; tilt the washer forward because the front of the machine sits on the dolly’s feet.

Requesting assistance with this step since washers were big and supporting the dolly while moving the washer forward and with one hand is tough. This individual can help hold the washer steady as you hook the straps that equipment dollies are using to attach big equipment. Place the washer just on a dolly and secure it. For trash and collection, transfer it wherever there is space in the home or even outside.


Step #7. Apply the same procedure to the dryer

Repeat the same procedure with the dryer. Because dryers aren’t particularly heavy, it is a simpler chore, though it pays to have another pair of hands to level the device so it wouldn’t wobble when tied to the dolly.


Step #8. Clean the area beneath your washer and dryer

Clean the area beneath your washer and dryer, gather the fluff or dirt with a dustpan, and throw it out. Allow drying after scrubbing with washing soap. And there may be a lot of filth on the ground, you should soak the much more significant stains in soapy water to loosen them and make washing the ground simpler.


Call A Plumber To Uninstall Washer And Dryer

You can call a plumber for the uninstallation of the washer and dryer, there are many registered firms providing pro plumbers for many purposes. The charges of each firm may be different so you should hire a plumber with fewer charges. You only need a plumber if you think that you are unable to uninstall the washer and dryer, otherwise, you can easily do this process by following the steps mentioned above. The average cost of uninstalling a washer and dryer is $110.

Owners typically pay around $70 and $100, however, prices can range from $50 on the low end to $102 just on the higher side. This is the average cost for uninstalling the washer and dryer, but you need to visit two or more firms to get the low rates if you want to save some money. You may also be interested to know about the cost to relocate washer and dryer hookups.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to uninstall washer and dryer. Uninstalling is difficult, you must take safety measurements before starting working on it. You can also call a pro plumber to complete this process without any damage. Thank you, friends, for reading this article till the end. You may also want to read about how to store a washer and dryer and which washer dryer better Samsung or LG.

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