How To Store A Washer And Dryer? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you have any idea how to store a washer and dryer? If your answer is no, then don’t panic; you come to the right place because we are here to help you out. Storing a washer and dryer requires some simple steps that you’ll learn as you further delve into this article!

It’s crucial to know how to keep, prepare and move machines while moving houses. You might wish to store the dryer and washer for various reasons. It’s possible that your new place may not have them, or maybe you’ve recently bought a new set and wish to set them in your new house.

how to store a washer and dryer

You want your dryer and washer to keep going as long as feasible since they are among the most costly equipment you buy. We’ve put up a detailed list of responsibilities for preparing, transporting, and storing the dryer and washer. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Steps To Prepare A Washer

First, you must drain and wash your washing machine before transferring and storing it. Failure to prepare your washer in advance might result in mildew or rust, which can be harmful. To put your washer away for the winter, follow these instructions.


Step #1. Start a hot water cycle in your washer

Run a full hot water cycle in your washer while it is empty. To assist rinse off any soap leftover left in the washing machine, add a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar; it helps remove all the bacteria, germs, and foul smell.


Step #2. Take the washer out of the socket

Check your washing machine’s electrical breakers and water valve shutoffs before doing anything else. Check to see whether they’re both turned off. Remove the hoses connected with the supply of water with caution after that. Check the instruction book, or hire an expert if you’re unsure how to do everything.


Step #3. Make sure everything is completely dry

While in storage, sediment and moisture can cause mildew and corrosion in your washers. After the machine has emptied, remember to clean it down thoroughly. To dry out any extra water, keep the washer door open for at least 24 hours before moving.


Steps To Prepare A Dryer For Storage

For preparing a dryer for storage, follow these steps:


Step #1. Clean the inside of the house

Wipe off the interior of your dryer with a moist cloth to remove dust, pollen, and other leftovers. Dry the area with a dry towel to absorb any leftover moisture and debris.


Step #2. Clean the lint traps

Wipe any lint from the lint traps in the dryer. Then, to completely clean the lint trap, immerse it in a lukewarm soap and hot water solution.


Step #3. Turn off the dryer

Turn off the gas cutoff valve and the power breakers for your dryer. Then detach the remainder of the dryer, placing any tiny bits in a bag that has been labeled.


Steps To Store A Washer And Dryer

How to store a washer and dryer? Read the steps that are listed below:


Step #1. Use climate-controlled

You should store your washer and dryer in a climate-controlled area. It may include a climate-controlled storage facility or another place with constant temperature and relative humidity throughout the year. To avoid corrosion and mold, make sure your dryer and dryer are kept in a climate-controlled setting. Condensation can form due to extreme temperature swings, progressively destroying your equipment. You may also be interested to know about easy tips for washer and  dryer repair.


Step #2. Maintain a high position

Put your dryer and washer raised off the ground to help prevent them from harm. Placing pallets below them is the easiest method to do it. Water and dampness might leak through the floor, depending on where you’re putting your equipment. Rust, mold, and mildew can develop if moisture is retained.


Step #3. Always keep it covered.

Before storing your washer dryer, ensure you cover them. Dirt and humidity from other goods can all be avoided using a cover. Don’t use non-air-permeable coverings or plastic tarps o, as they collect moisture and promote mold.


Step #4. Leave the doors open

To improve air movement, let the dryer and dryer door slightly ajar. If some humidity were to get into the devices, this one would assist it in drying fast and not do any long-term harm.


Step #5. Store your unit

Store the washer and dryer at the back of your unit, much like your moving truck. This is due to some factors. You’re unlikely to remove your washer dryer until you’re prepared to move in completely. However, you might have to get a container of clothes or kitchenware before the whole relocation. More minor basics should be kept in the front of the unit for easy accessibility, while bigger goods should be kept towards the rear. Keeping your appliances at the back will protect you from rain and other factors; by this method, you can easily store your machines. 


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that this guide helped you find out how to store a washer and dryer. We’ve tried our best to make things much simpler and easier. Please read the article carefully to understand it. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end. You may also want to read about washer and dryer in one how does it work and which washer dryer better Samsung or LG.

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