How To Turn A Playpen Into A Toddler Bed

Is your baby growing fast and are now thinking of how to turn a playpen into a toddler bed? If so, this blog post is for you. It will walk you through the process of how to do it in a few steps.

You can then go on to enjoy time with your little one without having to worry about all the other things that come with raising them.

How To Turn A Playpen Into A Toddler Bed


Turning A Playpen Into A Toddler Bed

If you have decided to convert your playard into a bed, the process is relatively straightforward. To convert it from a crib for a baby into a toddler bed, remove the mesh side of the playard using a pair of scissors or safety box cutter, save the two remaining sides and simply tuck them to form part of the new fence on either side.

#1. To make this opening on one side, we recommend making it directly in the middle of the mesh panel and laying Velcro across the seam to avoid your child from bothering with zippers or buttons.

#2. By removing one of the side (or bottom) panels, you allow your child quick and easy access when getting in and out of bed. It is not far off the ground so there’s no chance for your toddler to fall or get injured.

#3. Next, up you’ll want to pick out a new mattress for your toddler bed conversion project if needed or at least purchase one that fits into whatever frame style you end up going with (round vs rectangle). Then simply place it in the playpen frame and you are ready to move on.


What Can I Do With An Old Playpen?

When children outgrow their stroller or playpen, many parents have a hard time figuring out what to do with it. Oftentimes the parent hasn’t been using it for so long that they don’t want to take care of it anymore.

The best thing to do is donate the unused item to a local daycare or church or even a local charity! Always check into where you can donate your used baby items.


Do Play Pens Expire?

Some playpens will have an expiration date if the manufacturer has put one on them. If you do not see any information about a specific expiry, then assume that there is no set time period for when your pen should expire

Some manufacturers may list this as between three to five years from purchase or use – Other brands may say indefinitely.

Then, there are some playpens that may come with a warranty. If this is the case you can refer to the warranty information on how long your pen should last before needing repairs or replacement parts.

The best way to be sure of when it is time for an upgrade would be to perform regular maintenance checks and replace if anything seems off or broken in any way.


Do Crib Mattresses Fit In Playpens?

A standard-sized crib mattress doesn’t fit into a pack ‘n play. The dimensions of a standard crib mattress are 52” long by 28” wide, which are much larger than the dimensions of the 37.5” by 26” pack ‘n play mattress.


When Should I Lower My Pack N Play Mattress?

You should lower your pack n play mattress when the baby can roll over by themselves.

Many parents keep their babies in a raised position for as long as possible, however, it is recommended that you lower the mattress starting at around four months of age to avoid suffocation risks if your child were to fall out of bed while sleeping on an elevated surface.


Is A Pack N Play The Same Size As A Crib?

Pack n’ plays are lesser-sized cribs, usually around 28 inches wide and 40 inches long. Typically they’re around 28 to 30 inches tall as well.


What Age Is A Playpen For?

Generally, at six to eight months of age. This is the best age to use a playard. At these ages, most babies can sit up and crawl. Some can even walk around on their own and grab nearby toys.

Babies of this age are also generally easygoing, so you can leave them in the playpen (always with adult supervision!) for a short amount of time without the baby putting up too much of a fuss.


How Do You Fix Pack And Play Netting?

Pack and play netting need to be fixed if it is loose or ripped. This happens over time as the baby huffs, puffs, kick their feet against the side of the pack, and play trying to escape! If you know how to sew a straight line then it’s easy!

You can use needle-nose pliers for leverage on hard-to-reach places where your fingers are too big. Or just pin them together with safety pins until they’re secure enough that don’t rip right away again.


How Do You Set Up A Disney Playpen?

To set up a Disney playpen, follow the following steps below:

Remove the mattress, which is strapped around the play yard, and set it aside. Once you’ve done that you will need to remove all of the gray pieces at the center of the play yard.

Open the panels of the play yard and leave it slightly up and not fully laid down on the ground.

Grasp one of the side rails and tug it up. Repeat the process for the final set of four rails each time starting with one end or another, but not in a specific order until all four have been brought up again.

Move the center base so that you can open the play yard. This will also cause the center legs to go down automatically. Please position the mattress in its correct place. The padded side should be facing upward.

Attach the four tabs facing downward located at the bottom of your baby’s crib mattress to the slots found on the underside of the playard and press them into the hook and loop tape at the bottom surface. This will prevent your child from accidentally rolling out of bed.

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