Easy DIY On How to Fold A Playpen Bassinet

You will learn the tricks and tips on how to fold a playpen bassinet. Playpen bassinet is a must-have for expectant parents. It comes with features that will keep your baby comfortable.


How to Fold A Playpen Bassinet

Steps on How to Fold a Playpen Bassinet?

Step One: Place the playpen bassinet on a flat surface.

Step Two: Unfold one of its panels and press down on it firmly to flatten it against the ground.

Step Three: Repeat this process for each panel until your pet playpen is completely folded up into a square shape, which should be fairly easy if you’ve used enough force.

Step Four: Lift the playpen off of its folded shape and place it into a storage bag or box.

Step Five: Secure the zipper on your pet playpen’s carrying case with packing tape to ensure that no one can get inside when you’re not around. If you don’t have any packaging tape, you could also use a luggage strap or luggage lock to keep your pet playpen safe when it’s in storage.

Step Six: Place the playpen into an area where you can find it easily before moving on to Step Seven, which is just about attaching the Graco pack and play to a changing table.

Steps How to Attach Graco Pack and Play Changing Table

First of all, position changing table over pack n play as it appears in the picture above.

The second step is to remove locking wheels from the bottom of the changer then replace them with four caster cups that come with hardware for this specific model.

Finally, screw together the main unit using provided screws before attaching the second piece which also comes included with necessary hardware needed to secure both pieces together efficiently so no part will fall off during use or transport. Also, remember not to tighten too much as it might damage screws and then it won’t attach to pack n play properly.


Steps on how to make playpen walls more comfortable for infants

First, use padding underneath their mattress cover by placing an extra thin blanket over their bottom sheet then folding another one several times at its centre length-wise until covers all sides evenly including top and bottom side edges. After that place another thin blanket or folded thin sheet over that one.

Second, put a soft pillow at the centre of their mattress cover and another one on top of it along with your infant to prevent them from rolling onto a hard surface underneath.

Thirdly, place another thin cotton blanket under the whole area surrounding their body including head-to-toe for added comfort plus warmth if needed!

Fourthly, make sure playpen walls are padded using thick blankets around their vertical edges (or use foam padding glued together wrapped around).

Fifthly, place several receiving quilts between the wall and the baby’s back to avoid getting hurt by corners/edges while sleeping in an upright position too!

Steps on How to assemble a Graco travel cot

First, set out the frame on a flat surface and open it up to unlock. Second, slip the end of each pole over its corresponding hook at either end of oval-shaped tubes while locking it into place by pressing down until you hear that it’s secure.

Finally, extend the middle bar between poles and attach plastic connectors before filling with air using the pump provided

How to attach a Graco pack and play to a changing table

To attach the pack n’ play to a changing table, you will need either

A Graco porta-crib that has an attachment for another crib or b) A dresser with drawers on each side. If your dresser does not have this option then you can still use it but make sure there are about five inches of space between the top surface and where the baby sleeps.

You should also line up one side of the bassinet against the edge of your dresser so that when Baby leans over they cannot fall out onto their head.

How to travel with a bassinet stroller

When you are ready to travel, attach the wheels onto your Graco pack and play. You can fold up the bassinet stroller just like a regular stroller for easy transport into an aeroplane or car trunk.


How to put together a Graco Pack and Play bassinet

Step One: Unzip your napper and remove it from its compartment.

Step Two: Remove the bassinet by lifting it on one corner of the mattress to disconnect them from each other.

Step Three: Gently lift the corner of the mattress and Napper from each other to remove it from its compartment.

Step Four: Place the mattress on top of your changing table or dresser.

Step Five: Re-zip the napper and attach both sides before closing up your pack n play for storage.

How to take apart a Baby Trend Pack N Play

Step One: Remove the mattress from your pack n play.

Step Two: Turn the second rail on top of the first rail, and then lift to remove it entirely.

Step Three: Take out all four screws which hold each side into place. Be careful not to lose these small pieces as you unscrew them.

Step Four: Lift one corner of the mattress at a time and then place it back into the bassinet when you are finished. Do this for both sides if necessary, and then repeat it to lock the sides back into place.


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