How to Tighten the Swivel Bolt on Underside of Seat

Do you have a chair that is wobbling, or the seat of your chair has come loose and won’t stay in place? The first thing to do if this happens is to check and see how tight the swivel bolt underneath the seat is.

This post will show how to tighten the swivel bolt on underside of seat so that it stays securely fastened in place.

how to tighten the swivel bolt on underside of seat


Steps on how to Tighten the Swivel Bolt-on Underside of Seat

Step 1. First, find the underside of the seat and clean off any dirt or grime from this area.

Step 2. Next, unscrew or loosen the swivel bolt by turning it counterclockwise with a wrench to release enough tension so that when you tighten it back up again there will be less play in how much pressure it has.

Step 3. Tighten it by turning the wrench clockwise to create a snug fit that doesn’t move with how much force you put on the chair

Step 4. Check how tight this bolt is and make sure there’s no more play in how tightly it fits, then tighten down any bolts or screws back into place before testing out the chair

Step 5. If the bolt is not tight enough, repeat this process and try to tighten it more.

Step 6. Be careful how much pressure you put on your wrench because if the bolt becomes too tightened or doesn’t loosen at all then it can break off causing a safety hazard for anyone that sits in the chair.

How to Fix a Wobbly Swivel Chair

Sitting down with a wobbly swivel chair can be an unpleasant experience. The mere sight of how the base rocks and bounces when you try to sit back into it makes your stomach turn. Luckily, some quick fixes will help prevent this from happening while also saving you time in getting your furniture repaired.

The first step is to determine how the chair’s swivel joint loosens or breaks in the first place. The most common reason for a broken swivel joint is loose screws that either loosen over time or break off completely when someone tries to adjust them. To tighten the screw, use your hands and put pressure on it.


How to Fix broken chair leg spindle

A broken chair leg spindle can lead to several problems. In its most basic form, the culprit could be simply an old and worn out part that needs replacing.

However, it’s not uncommon for this problem to arise as a symptom of other issues– such as how you’re sitting in your seat or how often you use the furniture-causing wear and tear on parts of the chair more quickly than expected.


To replace a broken swivel joint:

Step One – Remove any screws attaching the base plate cover (the piece with all of the bolts) to where it meets up with the underside tube before removing bolts from bolt holes at each end; once removed, set aside bolt hole covers so they don’t get lost.

Step Two – Remove the bolts from each end of the tube, and remove side pieces (with holes for swivel joint) by pulling them out with your hands or using a flathead screwdriver to pry them off.

Step Three – Take old bolt–or a new one if you’re replacing it–and place its head through the hole in a bottom piece that aligns with how the chair normally sits; thread on both nuts and tighten until they meet up and form an “X” shape before reassembling all parts mentioned above back into their original positions.


How to fix a Wooden Chair Seat

The simplest way to fix a chair’s seat is by tightening the screws. This only works if the swivel joint loosens overtime or breaks off completely, usually because someone tried to adjust it and didn’t use enough pressure.

The first step in how to tighten this screw is determining how the chair’s swivel joint loosened or broke in the first place so you know what needs fixing.”

Step 1. Tighten loose screws with your hands

Step 2. Determining how broken parts loosen or break will tell you which part needs repair – typically bolts that loosen over time from not being tightened correctly at all times has caused more wear and tear to the screws on how tight they should be

Step 3. If you have a swivel joint that has loosened, tighten it using your hands by turning in an anticlockwise motion. This will tighten and help stop any movement of the screw.


How to Replace Office Chair Tension Knob

Step 1. The first step for replacing the lever is using a screwdriver and unscrew the fasteners that are keeping it in place.

Step 2. Once all of these screws have been removed, you can then remove the old one by pulling at an angle away from how it was positioned before removal. For safety purposes, work over a rug or sheet so that if any pieces break off during this process they will not damage your flooring underneath.

Step 3. When installing your replacement lever onto your seat base, be sure to install it with its tightener facing outward (away from the underside) as you would when adjusting its position on top of your current chair’ swivel bolt.

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