10 Creative Ways On How To Tie A Chair Sash

In celebrating various occasions, knowing how to tie a chair sash is helpful. Why do you need to stick on your plain chair when you can put some spices on it? Well, it’s time to bring the creativity out of you!

Continue reading this article as we guide you to ten methods on how you will upgrade your chair into something extraordinary.


Easy Ways To Tie A Chair Sash


Method #1. Traditional bow

The first method you can do in tying a chair sash is the traditional bow. Among all methods, this is the easiest one.

To start with it, hold the ends of your sash with both of your hands. Then, wrap the sash around the chair’s back.

After that, you can now cross the ends and hoop one side of it over the other. You can also adjust the bow if it is necessary to tighten or loosen it up.


Method #2. Side bow

Doing the side bow doesn’t differ much from the traditional bow. To successfully do this, follow the same methods as to how to tie a traditional bow. The only difference in the side bow is that you need to slide the bow to the side of the chair.


Method #3. Knot

Tying the knot in a chair sash is as easy as the traditional bow. First, clasp both ends of the sash with both of your hands and wrap it on the chair’s back. After doing so, cross both ends to each other, one over the other.

You can tie it tight already and let the ends hang down. If you want to make double-knots, you are also free to do so. Aside from that, you can also decide whether or not to adjust the length of the sash.


Method #4. Side knot

Making the side knot is like tying the side bow following the method of doing a traditional bow. In this method, you will only need to do the same procedure in tying a knot in a chair sash. After following the previous instruction, slide the knot either to the left or right side of the chair.


Method #5. Double wrap knot

In doing a double wrap knot, start with holding the ends of the sash and wrapping them in the middle of the chair, from back to front. Next, take the sash back from the front to back and finally tie either a knot or a bow to finish it.


Method #6. Double wrap side knot

In a double wrap side knot, controlling enough tension is essential. To do this method, hold the ends of the sash and wrap them around the chair.

After wrapping it around twice on alternate sides, hoop the ends, one over the other. Finally, properly tie the ends of the sash, either using a bow or a knot.


Method #7. The obi

Wind the sash around the chair like making a bow. Turn over one end over the other.

Instead of making a bow, take one end in your left hand. Holding the other end, wrap it around the other end clockwise. Then, pull it under itself and tie it securely to finish it.


Method #8. Rosette 

Winding the end of the chair sash as if you are forming a classic bow is how to make the rosette. To secure in place, pull one end of the sash over the other.

Begin winding one sash end over the other until only a tiny amount of sash remains at the ends. Next, make a rose-shaped sash by winding the twisted sash in a circle around the chair’s center back. To keep it in place, tuck the hanging ends.


Method #9. Flip over

Wrap the center of the sash around the middle of the chair. Take the ends of the sash that wind behind the chair. Tie it as if you are only tying your shoelaces.

Ensure that you pull the knot tightly. Then, grab one of the tails behind and put it over the center. Finish it by straightening and smoothening the sash for a better look.


Method #10. Double loop flower

Follow the methods to produce the classic bow for the double loop flower, making sure the loops are small. Then, with the hanging ends, form another bow.

Four loops and two little hanging ends should be present. Tuck each loop over the loop next to it to ruffle them up. After that, gently tuck each end either over or under, depending on how the ends are hanging.


Tips In Tying A Chair Sash

  • If your sash is slipping down, you can try using a double-adhesive tape or a garment tape
  • Make sure the colors of your sashes match each other well
  • You can use ornaments, brooches, and buckles to add some flavors to it



Make celebrations more special by knowing how to tie a chair sash. Chairs wrapped with sash beautifully will add colors to the event.

Since you’ve read this article, you can now start tying your chair sashes up and celebrate with your loved ones!

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