What Is A Slipper Chair? A Useful Historical Guide

Since we are living in the modern age, most people don’t have any idea what is a slipper chair all about. You might have seen this little chair from malls or magazines, and people often mistake it as a utility chair.

You can find slipper chairs mostly in cafés or behind the scenes in some studios. It is a compact chair used for changing or removing shoes and slippers.


what is a slipper chair

History And Origin

Slipper chairs originated way back in the Victorian era, around the 1800s in European countries like England and France. You can commonly see the slipper chair around women’s dressing rooms back then. Women would sit in the chair while their maids or servants change their footwear.

Eventually, slipper chairs became more popular around the 1950s in the US. In that decade, they made new designs for these chairs. This disproves the misconception that slipper chairs  first originated in America.



Slipper chairs are for fixing footwear — like the long chairs in shoe sections of department stores. These days, you can combine slipper chairs with different items to mix their uses with other furniture. Slipper chairs are now placed in various establishments to fit a certain room’s motif.

The slipper chair is perfect to pair with mini tables or coffee tables. It can also be ideal for small spaces like lofts or apartments due to its small and compact size.


Evolution Of Design

Slipper chairs come in a variety of designs and shapes as the years go by. The distinction of antique slipper chairs compared to modern slipper chairs is easily noticeable. The designs represent the trendy or common styles of each generation.


Victorian era

In the Victorian era, most interior designs were made from furnished woods. What makes the slipper chairs from the Victorian era different are its elongated back and headrests. It is similar to Queen Anne’s chairs, but with more detailed designs on the backrests like trees or leaves.

The backrests of Victorian Era slipper chairs are higher than usual these days. They are built to firmly support the backs of people sitting on that chair. Just imagine you’re a princess leaning in the backrest of a chair while they remove your slippers.

Vintage designs from the 50s to 90s were also in style back in the day. The designs and color schemes of the chair will help you distinguish the overall vibe of that specific era.


Modern modifications

It’s been centuries since the emergence of the slipper chair. Who knew that this type of chair would still stand out these days? It is not just for bedrooms or dressing rooms anymore.

The new designs usually have shorter backrests, and the standard colors are usually pastel. Some are modified to work as an office chair that rotates and has an armrest.

Modern slipper chairs are also plain due to the minimal designs that are trending today. Slipper chairs with retro designs have more patterns and colors like shapes or lines.


Perfect Rooms For Slipper Chairs

New modifications mean new ways to show off your slipper chair. Who knew that these little chairs could add more appeal to different rooms?


Walk-in closets or dressing rooms

Since these are its original purpose and place, a slipper chair will add more convenience to walk-in closets and dressing rooms. It is a perfect pair with a boudoir or a mirror, making it the ideal chair for glamming up or trying out new shoes and accessories in style.


Living rooms

You can easily take a quick break on your personal slipper chair after doing all of the house chores. You could also use it as an extra seat in the living room, especially for guests who prefer lower seats.


Nursery rooms

A slipper chair will be more comfortable and accessible for children to sit in and play on. It will be less risky from accidents like falling, stumbling, or tripping.



You can place your slipper chair on a safe spot within your verande. It is perfect if you prefer spending time on your patio for relaxation or daydreaming.

The slipper chair is perfect for almost any setting because of its compact feature. However, you do have to take note that this chair might not be ideal for tall people or for those who like wearing tight outfits.



So, what is a slipper chair? Back then, it was a specially designated spot you can use to remove your footwear. These days, it is a staple in most modern living rooms and establishments. You can now sit back and relax in a slipper chair without getting raised eyebrows from the people around you.

If you are someone who prefers having smaller chairs around the house, then maybe the slipper chair is perfect for you. This could work as a subtle addition to your minimal furniture set, providing a bit of oomph to an otherwise dull area.

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