How To Tell If Your Dryer Vent Is Clogged? 5 Surprising Indications!

Are you searching for signs of a clogged dryer vent that’s why you want to know how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged? No need to look for the answers somewhere else. Here, we will describe all the indications and signs of the clogged vent. We will explain the method to clean the vent as well.  

It is essential to clean the vent at least once in six months. Numerous households in the USA have fire accidents due to dryers. The fire happens due to the neglect of the cleaning of the appliance.

how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged

The dryer vent expels moisture, heat, and combusted gases produced in the gas dryer. The dryer vent can quickly get accumulated with the lint from the dryer. This lint is the chief cause of the blocked dryer vent and the fire. Sometimes small animals, also find their way into the dryer vent through the exhaust hood. Therefore, unclogging the dryer is necessary. It will reduce fire hazards and will increase the life of your dryer. Typically, there are few indications given by your dryer to clean the vent.   


How To Tell If Dryer Vent Is Clogged

So, how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged? Here are the following causes:


Indication #1. Damp clothes at the end of the cycle 

The first indication of a clogged dryer vent is that your laundry will not get completely dry at the end of the orderly dry cycle. The orderly duration of each dryer cycle to dry clothes is thirty to forty-five minutes. When the dryer vent is clogged or blocked, the load will take longer than usual time to dry clothes. This is because the moisture from the clothes is expelled outside, from the exhaust hood through the vent.  

If the vent gets blocked, the vapors from clothes will trap inside the vent hose and condense. This condensed water will return to the dryer and will make clothes damp. Hence, you will find wet clothes at the end of the cycle. The duration to dry clothes will increase over time until you clear out the vent. 

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Indication #2. The hot outer surface of the dryer 

The clogged vent can make the dryer outer surface hot. The dryer vent not only expels moisture but also heat from the vent. A blocked dryer vent will fail to expel moisture and heat. Therefore, the dryer will operate, but the clothes will not dry as the heat is trapped inside the dryer. The dry exterior will get hot and, you will find damp and warm clothes at the end of the cycle. The continuing use will trap more and more heat which can get dryer extremely hot and eventually cause a fire. 


Indication #3. Burning smell  

The lint collects in the lint filter. Sometimes the lint from the dryer drum finds its way out through the dryer vent along with the moisture and hot air. Therefore, the lint can accumulate in the dryer vent, drum, and filter. So, you must clean the lint from the dryer, or else if it gets in the heating component, such as the motor of the dryer, it will burn. The burning of the lint cause smell. Hence, you will be able to smell a burning odor coming from the dryer. Remember, the lint is flammable it can cause a fire. Therefore, it is essential to clean the lint from the dryer. Know why does my dryer smell like gas.


Indication #4. Dead animal smell

Small animal or pest can also find their way into the dryer vent through the exhaust hood. These animals die inside the vent hose and make it stink. If there is a rotten smell coming from your dryer, it is better to remove the vent pipe look inside it. Then, you can clean the pipe or replace it according to its condition.


Indication #5. The lint in the dryer and laundry room

It would help if you gave your lint filter a clean after each cycle. When the lint filter is filled, the excess lint starts gathering on the top of the filter. You will also see the excess lint around the dryer and maybe in your laundry room. You should clean the filter immediately, and, if needed, you should replace the filter. 


Indication #6. You have not cleaned the vent in a long time 

Yearly cleaning of the dryer is necessary. If you have not cleaned your dryer in a long time, you should do it now. The cleaning of the vent depends upon your usage. If you use a dryer more than once a day, you will have to clean it at least once in four months. 


Cleaning Of The Dryer Vent 

Now that you have looked at all the indications for cleaning the vent, you must know the procedure to clean it. To clean the dryer vent, you will have to pull it off the exhaust hood. The exhaust hood is located in the wall near your dryer. Remove the vent, and clean the hood using the vacuum and the towel. Once the exhaust hood is clean, look inside your vent. If it is damaged, you will have to replace it. In case there is any trapped dead animal, remove it. After that, use a vacuum cleaner and a stiff brush to clean the vent. Know how often to clean a dryer vent.


It’s A Wrap! 

You can quickly tell if your dryer vent is clogged. First, the dryer requires proper cleaning and maintenance. If you are not cleaning the vent annually, you are creating a safety hazard for you and your family. This article has summarized all the indications for cleaning the vent. So, if you see any of these in your dryer, you better start cleaning now. That’s how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged.

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