Why My Dryer Wont Spin? 5 Surprising Reasons!

If the dryer is not spinning even after plugging on, the first question that comes into your mind is why my dryer wont spin? So if you find the laundry soaking wet after leaving them in the dryer, don’t worry about it. There can be multiple reasons for the dryer drum failure to spin. You do not have to worry cause here we are going to look for all the reasons for the dryer not spinning. This article will also explain the tips and tricks to solve the dryer technical issue.  

Without a doubt, a dryer is an essential appliance in every household. It saves time and energy. The dryer makes your work easier and, you no longer have to worry about the space required for drying wet laundry. However, any issue in the dryer can create hassle, just like this one.  

why my dryer wont spin

If you live in a small apartment, you must be deeply worried. Before calling for help from a service company, try solving the issue with the dryer on your own. It will save you time and money, for sure. Now, let’s have a deep look at it!


Why Your Dryer Wont Spin?

So, why my dryer wont spin? Given below are the five reasons for the dryer drum failure to spin:


Reason #1. Unplugged dryer 

Before looking at technical faults in the dryer, check if the dryer is plugged in. Most of the time, the appliance plug gets loosened: so it fails to function. If the dryer is plugged in but is still not operating, check for circuit breaker tripped. If the household power supply is working, you will have to check the switch. Grab any working appliance and plug it in that switch. If it fails to operate, you can rule out the switch failure. Call an electrician to fix or replace the switch for you. In case the switch is not failed and, your connected appliance is working, the fault is most likely in your dryer. Know how to fix a dryer that wont spin.


Reason #2. Faulty door switch 

The dryer starts working once it receives a signal from the door switch. The dryer door switch determines whether the door is open or close and transmits the input to the control panel. When the door switch gets damaged and is no longer able to conduct signals to the control panel, the dryer will not operate. You can identify the faulty dryer door switch easily. When you close, the dryer door light turns on the dryer. If that light and the dryer drum are not working, you will have to replace the door switch. You can also use a multimeter on the door switch to confirm its failure. You can find the door switch near the lint filter. You will require a screwdriver to open it up, do not forget to switch off the unit before working on it. 


Reason #3. Damaged dryer belt 

The most common reason for the dryer not spinning is the damaged dryer belt. This issue is significantly greater in old models of the dryer. Recent models of the dryer have more durable and sturdy belts which last long. However, with continuing use, these belts get worn out and can stretch and can get damaged. Whenever the belt loses its connection to the drum and is damaged, the dryer will consume the power and, the motor will operate. You will hear the noise from the dryer motor as it is working. However, your dryer drum will not spin.  

To confirm the stretch and damage of the belt, open the dryer and use your hand to rotate the drum. If the drum is spinning without any effort, it confirms the failure. Switch off the dryer and pull out the top lid. Once you see the dryer belt, examine it carefully. If the belt is worn out, damaged, or stretched, it will need replacement. You can purchase the dryer belt from any local hardware store. But make sure you are buying the one that fits your dryer drum. It’s best to also know how to replace a dryer belt.


Reason #4. Jammed pulley 

While checking your dryer drum manually, you noticed it is not spinning or is having resistance while rotating; it is most likely that the dryer has seized the drum. The most common reason for seized drum is broken pulley. The pulley keeps the belt in position and prevents it from slipping off. If your dryer is making noise while operating and stops spinning mid-cycle, it indicates the failure of the pulley. The pulley requires coating or lubricant to rotate the belt. If there is an inadequate lubricant for the pulley to function, it will start producing noise and will eventually stop working. If the pulley gets damaged due to lack of grease, you might have to replace it.  


Reason #5. Failed motor 

When the motor of the dryer has been damaged, the lights on the dryer will be on. But you will not be able to hear any motor noises, and neither the dryer drum will work. It will require motor replacement. It is better to get this job done by a professional because there are many safeties hazard attached to it. Guess why a dryer make a noise when tumbling.


It’s A Wrap! 

At this point, you should know why my dryer wont spin. You can easily identify and fix issues if your dryer is not spinning. Call for a professional if you are confused at any point. Do not try any technique on your own cause your safety is the priority.  

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