How To Shut Off Water Heater? 4 Easy Steps!

We know that you came to find the answer to how to shut off water heater. There are four easy steps that you can execute; we’ll delve into these things as you read further into this article. 

The water heater is an essential part of our homes and helps us survive the chilly and freezing mornings and evenings during the winter season. 

how to shut off water heater

This blog post will be helpful no matter you want to shut off electricity or a gas heater. We have also listed the possible reasons for leakage. We assure you that you won’t go back disappointed as this article includes a to-the-point and clear-cut guide on turning a water heater off. Scroll down to read the main section.


Steps To Shut Off Water Heater

Let’s start with our step-by-step guide on how to shut off water heater. It’s as easy as ABC. Above all, you don’t need a single tool to perform the task. 


Step #1. Turn off the gas/electric supply 

If you have a gas water heater, you need to turn off the gas supply by the following method. Access the heater usually installed in the garage or utility closet. Locate a temperature dial at the front bottom and rotate it in the off position. Next, you have to turn off the gas supply to the heater. Find a supply line on the right side of the heater and see if it has a dial or the lever valve. Rotate the dial in a clockwise direction. You will notice that the lever is parallel with the supply line. You need to rotate it until it makes an angle of 90 degrees with the gas line.

On the other hand, if you have an electric heater, here’s what you must do:

Go to the circuit breaker box and locate two water heater breakers of 30-50 Amps. Flip each breaker in the opposite direction to turn them off. And don’t forget to put a note of work done on the water heater. 


Step #2.  Disconnect the water supply 

There is a shut-off valve at the top of the water heater on the cold water line. Locate and turn it in the perpendicular direction with the pipe, and that’s all. It’s so simple!


Step #3. Wait for the water to cool down

It’s safe to wait for 2-3 hours before disposing of the water from the heater as the hot water could splash and cause a burn. But be careful if you’re in a hurry and cannot wait for the water to cool down. Dealing with heated water is risky. 


Step #4. Drain the water out of the heater tank

Draining the water is essential to keep the heater condition up to the mark. Access a drain valve from the bottom side and attach a garden hose. Hear the sound of flowing water and collect all the water from the heater tank in a bucket or tub. Open the T&P or pressure relief valve if you are getting late for a meeting and want to speed up the process as the valve will remove the air pressure allowing the water to flow freely. Open any hot water faucet if you cannot locate the T&P valve, and it will serve the same purpose as removing a vacuum from the heater. 


When To Turn Off The Water Heater?

Now, let’s understand when it’s necessary to turn off your water heater:



Shut off the heater as soon as possible if you have noticed leakage from the water or gas supply lines. Usually, there are four main points from where water leaks in a heater. 

  • Pressure relief valve: This valve relieves the air pressure from the heater.
  • Pipe joints: the water can leak from the supply lines fixtures.
  • Drain valve: Sometimes, you forget to shut off this valve after disposing of the water. Turn it off by rotating the fixture or using a screwdriver.
  • Inner tank: Take off the cover panel from the bottom and check for spots behind the insulating plate. Replace the heater if you feel the moisture on your fingers, as this is the only solution to this issue.


At the time of vacations

Don’t forget to turn off the heater if you are about to go to a distant place to enjoy some relaxing time.  



Is there is a question mark on the performance of your water heater, and do you want to check it for wear and tear? Shut it off first before fixing the issues to avoid any other issues. You can even try some DIY water heater testing and repair.


Weird sounds

Is your heater producing scary sounds? Maybe, you need to check it, or you have to call a technician. The first step is to turn off the heater in both cases.


Teach your children

Have you ever thought about teaching your kids to deal with emergencies? If not, you must do it right away. Take them with yourself and explain the whole procedure of shutting off. This practice will evoke a sense of responsibility in your children. They will be able to save themselves and their friends if any leakage incident happens at your home. Moreover, the whole learning process will make the weekend fun-filled and productive. It may also be a good idea to read about what is a water element.


It’s A Wrap!

Get ready to complete the task as we wrap this guide on how to shut off water heater. You must have understood all the steps correctly. We hope it helped know when you should shut off your water heater. You may want to read related articles; know how to replace a water heater element and a hot water heater makes noise when heating.

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