How To Shrink The Jeans Without Dryer? 3 Best Ways!

Are you wondering about how to shrink the jeans without dryer? By putting a hot iron on them, showering the jeans, or allowing them to boil on the burner, anyone can change any saggy outdated pair of skinny pants into a perfect fitting shape. 

Jeans are a timeless fabric article that wouldn’t go out of fashion. Perhaps you’ve shed a few inches, or even the pair of jeans has been languishing at the bottom of your wardrobe for a while. Know the best ways to shrink jeans rapidly in any case.

how to shrink the jeans without dryer

Discover how to shrink jeans without a dryer rapidly because it suits you perfectly! Yes, my friends, it’s all true about it. So, if you’re interested in this article and want to learn more, just continue reading it. Below we have mentioned some tips that assist you in shrinking your jeans without a dryer. Let’s have a deep look at shrinking the jeans without a dryer!


Ways To Shrink The Jeans Without Dryer

Stop searching more on how to shrink the jeans without dryer. Below we have written a complete guide that helps you shrink your loose jeans properly. The dryer may harm the denim jeans. That is why it’s better to shrink the jeans by other methods instead of a dryer. Here is a list of all the methods to shrink your jeans to fit perfectly on your legs, and you look beautiful!


#1. By bathing method

While it will seem unusual, or you may receive a few funny glances from your roommates if you leave the door open, and no doubt it is one of the most straightforward ways to shrink your jeans, and also it is best for (shrink-to-fit) unsanforized denim.

To shrink your jeans, you have to add hot water to your bathtub, no need to add soap to it. After that, put your old loose jeans in the bathtub, and then wait for a few minutes till the hot water cools before exiting.

Take your jeans out of the bathtub, shake your jeans so that the leftover water flows down from them, and wait for them to dry naturally to your shape in the heat of the sun. When drying your jeans outside, don’t sit; try to do some walk and exercises like squats and pushups and what you want so that the denim is stretched enough if it looks pretty tight.

If it’s especially chilly outside, use a hairdryer to hurry things up; if not, you can also hang your jeans outside after stretching them. It’s not worth getting pneumonia for the sake of denim. It’s a great idea to shrink the jeans, but it takes a very long time to do it. And you have to be careful during the whole process. 


#2. By boiling method

Whereas if the idea of staying in a bath in your pants affects you seriously uncomfortable, offer it the noodle procedure and dip it in a pot on the stove instead. Always keep in mind not to give a very long time to boil your jeans and set the temperature on low flame. At very high temperatures, the color of your jeans fades gently, but you won’t receive violet color on your legs. Denim in a mild wash is also popular. It’s all up to you.

Fill a big saucepan or pan halfway with boiling water directly from your teapot for this one. Invert your jeans and set them in this boiling pot, soaking your jeans in hot water until the fabric is completely coated.

Allow them to cook for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally. When the timer goes off, shake your jeans to remove the water and then dry it on a very high flame for beautiful, perfect fitting. 


#3. Ironing method

If you think that your jeans do not fit perfectly on your thighs, but your calves or other sides fit nicely, then these methods mentioned above aren’t ideal for you. If this is the case, you might try ironing your jeans. Then, in this case, you have to use the other alternative for shrinking your jeans. In this method, you have to dampen any sections of your jeans that you want to shrink with hot water. 

If you want your jeans to remain dry during the ironing, using a damp washcloth rather than putting your jeans under the running water tap could be a better option. Connect your iron with a wall socket; if your iron is of the latest model, set it in the cotton mode. It’s a good idea to run the iron over the moist areas. Try them on when they have completely dried. This method is undoubtedly straightforward and more accurate than using a dryer to shrink your jeans.

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It’s A Wrap!

Finally, we have written all for you. Now you can shrink your jeans at home just in a bit of time. We were delighted to know that you all will come to understand how to shrink the jeans without dryer. The tips mentioned above are beneficial in shrinking your jeans. By using these methods, you can shrink your jeans. No doubt a dryer shrinks your jeans in little time, but on the other hand, it also damages your jeans. So instead of using the dryer, use the other alternatives instead. Thank you, friends, for being with us! You may also want to read about how to clean gum out of a dryer and how to dry your clothes fast without a dryer.

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