How To Sell An Insurance Agency? 6 Best Methods You Should Consider!

Are you planning to sell your insurance company and pondered, “How to sell an insurance agency?” Selling your insurance agency will be hard. It will be a long process, lots of paper works and you have to understand and determine your agency’s value first. Then, you may consider some plans in selling your insurance company, as well as your target buyers.

Asking or consulting some professionals regarding your goal to sell your agency may greatly help you in the future. Lastly, it would be best to decide what to sell, whether the assets or stocks and the terms and conditions to successfully sell your insurance agency.

how to sell an insurance agency

As we get old, we slowly detach ourselves from work, especially if you are a business owner.

Owning an insurance agency may cause much stress, so deciding to leave the business industry and fully retire from work is one of the important choices you should consider when you reach your retirement age. Sometimes, signs are signifying that you should sell your insurance company already. Whatever the reason behind your choice to sell an insurance agency, we are here to discuss with you the methods of marketing it!


Methods In Selling An Insurance Agency

You may have noticed some signs showing you that you need to sell your insurance agency. However, as you plan to sell your company, you realize that you do not know how to begin. With that, here are five uncomplicated methods on how to sell an insurance agency.


Method #1. Making a plan

Of course, when it comes to selling your insurance agency, you need to have a concrete plan first. There may be a certain point when you realize that it is better to sell your insurance company to others because they can manage it well, or you may decide to retire from the business industry fully.

So, to successfully sell your company, you should devise a plan on how you will sell it, to whom, and what you are going to sell from your agency. Moreover, you need time to consider some plans, so if you plan to sell your insurance agency after a few years, you better start planning it immediately to avoid encountering any problems.


Method #2. Target buyer

To whom you will sell your insurance agency is an essential factor you need to look at while planning. To be specific, when it comes to selling your agency to someone, choose your target buyer. You may quickly know who your target buyer maybe by asking yourself, “am I going to transact this with someone in my agency or to another agency?”


Method #3. Consulting professionals

To avoid any unwanted problems while planning to sell your insurance agency, you may ask for help from professionals who can successfully assist you with selling your business.

These experts are knowledgeable on how the business industry revolves, especially in the insurance business. They know how the agents or brokers analyze and buy the insurance and the primary purpose of insurance. So, it is best to have a great consultant as early as possible to have someone advise you while you plan to sell your insurance agency.


Method #4. Determining the agency value

As a business owner, you know that your income and profit increase as you expand your business. And while the income and profit increase, the value of your agency also increases. The insurance company’s earnings also depend on its strength and weaknesses and the decisions performed by the business owner.

So, if you want to sell your insurance company at a high price, ensure that your earnings increase as time goes by because the profit is a significant factor that significantly affects your company’s value when it is time for you to sell it.


Method #5. Choosing what to sell

Selling an insurance agency is not simple at all. When you want to sell your company, you also need to consider what you should sell. Would it be the stocks or assets? You may sell the assets if you own an S corporation, while you might need to consider many things if you own a C corporation.

For instance, if the buyer wants to purchase the assets of the S corporation, then it will benefit you, for it limits the liability, and you can amortize the cost for fifteen years. On the other hand, if the buyer purchases the stocks in a C corporation, then you, as a seller, will only receive capital gains treatment and avoid double taxation. Therefore, both the buyer and seller need to negotiate on the price value of the insurance agency and create a deal on some terms because the tax will fall more on the seller.


Method #6. Discussing the terms

To avoid conflicts when you are about to sell the insurance company, the buyer and seller need to discuss terms and conditions. The seller’s goal in selling the insurance agency would be to get paid by the right price. And for the buyer, their goal is to pay for over several years as the commissions renew.

Since the buyer and seller usually have opposite goals, they need to negotiate. And as they both agree on the deal, the seller can finance the sales of their business. After all of that, selling an insurance agency will most likely be successful when they both settle the deal.



And those are six uncomplicated methods on how to sell an insurance agency. Keep in mind that selling an insurance agency is not an easy thing to do. It would help if you considered many factors before successfully selling your company, so plan it well. Furthermore, you may check out some reasons why insurance companies are so greedy if you enjoyed reading this article. Regardless, here is another helpful article that might come in handy: What is twisting insurance?

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