8 Easy and Simple Steps on How to Restuff a Recliner

The recliner is an excellent piece of furniture for those who love to have a good time in the living room. Whether you are reading, watching TV or chatting with guests, this piece has it all!

However, over time the stuffing inside can shift and cause a saggy appearance on one side. If that’s what’s going on with your recliner, then read below how to restuff a recliner.

how to restuff a recliner


Steps on Restuffing a Recliner

Step 1: Remove excess stuffing from around the frame of the chair. This will help give you more space to fill up if needed later in step 3-5

Step 2: Start by filling in any gaps or spaces between fabric and foam surfaces using the same type of material (i.e., foam or fiberfill).

Steps 3: Fill in any gaps between fabric and foam surfaces using the same type of material (i.e., foam or fiberfill)

Steps 4: Next, start to fill out loose corners of stuffing by pushing them into place from behind with your fingers. Be sure not to over stuff at this point as   you may need to fill gaps in the next step.

Steps 5: Now, start filling out any remaining empty corners of stuffing by pushing them into place from behind with your fingers. Be sure not to overstuff at this point as you may need to fill gaps later on.

Steps 6: Pull fabric and foam together so that they line up properly while smoothing it all down using a flat surface such as a piece of cardboard or other item that is approximately one inch thick (a business card will work).

Fill in any remaining open spaces between materials until there are no more loose spots left inside the chair’s frame

Steps 7: Add an extra layer of material for padding if needed, but be careful not too add too much  material as this can cause the chair to be too soft and sink in.

Steps 8: Add a last layer of fabric, pulling it tight at all points so that there is no slack anywhere inside the frame. This will complete one side of your recliner’s new stuffing job! Repeat these steps for any other sides of your chair

Finished Product: One final step left before you are finished with restuffing your old comfortable reclining furniture—you need to remove all tape from bumpers and armrests on both ends by slowly peeling back each side carefully being sure not to tear or pull away material accidentally.

Save tape scraps until end if needed for later use because removing them now may release bits of foam into air .


What is Restuffing a Recliner?

Restuffing your old chair is a great way to extend its life and give it new comfort.


How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Professional Recliner Restuffer?

Professional recliner restuffers can cost as low as $50, but the price will depend on how long it takes to complete the job.


How Long Before Restuffing my Recliner?

It is best to restuff your recliner when the foam inside begins to lose its shape or becomes worn because of heavy use.


What Kind of Foam Should I Use?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of foam, such as natural latex or memory foam.


How to Deep Clean Restuffed Recliner?

The first step is to remove the stuffing. Next, use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to clean any remaining dirt and grime from the fabric of your chair.

Once you’ve completed this stage, it’s time for a steam cleaning session where you’ll soak your recliner in water mixed with dish soap or laundry detergent then blast it off with heat using either a traditional oven-cleaner or steamer. Finally, reinsert foam into chair and replace all covers.


What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam has been around since 1988 when NASA started looking at how they could create more comfortable seating on long duration space flights! The original formula was designed by Doctor Roger A Tater who took inspirations from  the physical structure of the brain and how it impacts our moods.

Memory foam is made from visco-elastic substances, which means that they stay soft when you sit on them but get firmer over time as your body weight presses down into the material! It’s this unique quality that makes memory foam so effective for people who have to spend long periods of time sitting or lying, like during air travel for example.


What Is The Difference Between Memory Foam And Traditional Mattresses?

One big difference between traditional mattresses and furniture filled with memory foam is how quickly each one reacts back to its original shape after a person stands up or sits down again. With a regular mattress, once someone gets off their bed (or  another piece of furniture) it will quickly regain its original shape.

With memory foam, the material needs more time to return back to its normal state and feels softer when you sit or lay on them.

A Memory Foam Mattress Is Much More Durable Than A Traditional One And Doesn’t Need To Be Turned Over As Often Due To The Material’s Protective Covering That Prevents Both Dust Mites And Bacteria From Getting Deep Into Its Fibers.



The bottom line is that if you want a longer-lasting and more comfortable chair, it’s worth the time and money for professional reupholstery services! Make sure you are clear on how much this will cost before moving forward so there are no surprises later down the road.


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