How To Reset Dryer Timer? 4 Best Ways!

How to reset dryer timer? Push and hold the two buttons at the same time. If there’s no dryer manual, download it at the manufacturer’s website. Nonetheless, some dryer machines like Whirlpool and Maytags machines have no reset button feature.

Reset by utilizing unplugging same as with Samsung dryers. Reset the Whirlpool Duet dryer as you hold down the start button for almost five seconds.

How to reset dryer timer

The dryer timer indicates how long the dryer will operate a cycle, shutting off after the process. If it doesn’t start or advance, it will cause it to continue running. Set the timer again in a dryer with a button push or dryer unplug. Let us discuss more on this below. Keep reading!


The Role Of A Dryer Timer

The dryer timer maintains the tabs in a drying cycle depending on the selected settings. The knob in a dryer’s control offers timed models or various cycles options. Every process operates in a specific time amount, and as the timer reaches a particular point, the dryer shuts off.

A motor is a feat in a timer operating it. The timer has different mechanisms to open and close the contacts in a cycle. This process uses other parts of a dryer, like a heating element. The timer problem causes the dryer not to heat properly. The contacts even affect the drive motor that a dryer is not starting due to a timer problem. If all elements are still working and issues arise, reset the dryer timer.


Reset Button In A Dryer

If a reset button is in a dryer, let it cool down first before pressing it. Many dryers have a shutoff feature that turns off the machine after the air reaches a specific temperature. If the shutoff registers a high temperature, expect the reset will not work so, allow the dryer to cool for ten minutes, in this case.


Reset Button Not In A Dryer

If there is no reset button feature, it’s better to unplug it and wait for thirty minutes before you plug the machine back in and begin a new cycle. Continue the step further and shut the engine down at a circuit breaker. Wait for some time before things cool and get clear already before you turn everything back in. The trick concerns resetting if dryer parts like the electrical system, motor, and the like work correctly.


Ways To Reset Dryer Timer

Issues may arise if the dryer timer does not fix the problem. A damaged or broken timer motor does not occur more often due to a damaged contact. Before troubleshooting the dryer components, get the timer motor tested first and prepare the supplies needed like the screwdriver, multimeter, needle nose pliers, and towel. So, how to reset dryer timer? Here are the following ways:


#1. Killing the power

Get the dryer disconnected in the power supply, by turning the circuit breaker off or unplugging it.


#2. Removing the panel control

Put some towels above the dryer to avoid scratches while working and know the timer’s location right through the control panel. It’s a dial to feature different settings such as “delicate dry,” “timed dry,” “normal dry,” and many more numbers. Search for the screws to keep the panel in the right place and get the screws removed using a screwdriver. Then, set both aside to a safer place and lift off the panel control to rest it facing down the towel.


#3. Removing a single power lead in a timer motor

Get the motor timer examined, with the various wires connected to it. Different models would have various wire configurations. Identify which one powers the motor according to the size. The power wires are a bit bigger than the surrounding cables so, use some needle nose pliers to disconnect the power leads in a terminal and gently pull on a connector.


#4. Testing the motor timer

Raise the control panel in a dryer to get the timer dial, to set it at a normal dry. Be sure the multimeter will read ohms and touch a single probe in the motor terminal wherein the power lead is disconnected. Touch the search to the airport. Please read it in zero, which is the ultimate goal. The timer motor is terrible if there’s a higher reading and this is when you’ll need a replacement.


Cost Of Hiring Professional In Repairing A Dryer Timer

The payment falls between 150-dollars to 300-dollars if you seek help from a professional repairman. The price difference relies on the cost of the needed timer. Think about the fifty-percent rule before you spend three-hundred dollars on a new timer but do not pay more than the fifty-percent cost of a new dryer just for a repair. If you buy a new dryer for 500-dollars, do not spend 300-dollars replacing the timer. Replace the timer if the present dryer costs 2,000 dollars.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you have learned how to reset dryer timer by pushing and holding the two buttons simultaneously. If there’s no dryer manual, download it at the manufacturer’s website. You also have learned the role of the dryer timer, and the steps in testing the dryer timer motor!

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