How To Replace Fridge Gasket? 3 Easy Steps!

Perhaps, the food compartments inside your fridge are getting warm; then you would want to know how to replace fridge gasket as this is often the issue. Specifically, you will need to change the rubber gasket that is running around the fridge door.  It might not seal correctly anymore since it has already been stretched or worn out.

The gasket is typically fastened onto the fridge door using plastic or metal retainers. Screws secure some. So you will have to use a screwdriver for this project. Also, acquire a replacement gasket at the nearest appliance supply shop.

how to replace fridge gasket

Most of the time, the fridge just needs a new gasket to start afresh. It is best to check whether or not the gasket of your fridge is in good condition at least once a year.

You can use a paper test for this. Put a sheet of paper in between the fridge and the door. Then, close the fridge door and pull the paper.

In case, it easily slips out; then it means that the fridge gaskets are to be replaced already since it does not seal properly anymore. More so, you will need to replace the old gasket with another one if it has warped or bent corners, torn, cracked, or hard and not pliable. Here is a guide on how you are getting this job done.


Steps To Replace Fridge Gasket

The steps below are easy to perform. Only basic skills are needed, and they can be completed in no time. So without further ado, let’s get started. So, how to replace fridge gasket?


Step #1. Taking off the existing fridge gasket from the door

As you are removing the existing fridge door gasket, use the time to soak the new one in hot water to be easier to install later. Some of the fridge gaskets are secured in place using metal retainers attached around the perimeter of the door. You need to lift the inner edge of the existing gasket so that the screws that lock the rubber gasket into the metal retainer will be revealed.

Then, you need to loosen those screws using a screwdriver. To remove the fridge door gasket, you have to grab its inner flange and pull it back. Ensure to use a nut driver with proper hex head size. Just loosen the retainers screw, do not remove them from the door. Then, pull off the gasket.


Step #2. Installing the new fridge door gasket

Now, it’s time to get the new gasket installed. Start at one corner on top by working with its gasket lip behind the retainer. Once done, proceed to the other corners until you completed the entire door perimeter. There is only one correct way to have the gasket fit. Snug up the retainer screws or the freezer gasket using your hex nut driver, but do not tighten it completely.

Then, check whether or not it is warped by closing the fridge door. Straighten it when needed by gripping its top and bottom. Push the door and pull it again before closing it to check if it is properly aligned. Repeat the process if necessary. Tighten the screws to complete the process.


Step #3. Rubbing petroleum jelly

Study your fridge door position relative to your refrigerator cabinet. If the freezer or refrigerator door is higher or sagging, you will need to align it. To do that, loosen its hinges first. Now, to reduce the drag of the gasket, apply petroleum jelly onto the hinge of the freezer gasket.



Here are the answers to your common questions:


Question #1. Is it difficult to replace a fridge gasket?

If the door of the fridge is leaking or faulty, too much energy will be wasted. You will notice that your electricity bill increases. Not only that, but it will lead to a shorter lifespan and wearing of the unit. The food stored in it will also be exposed to spoiling risks. In such a case, you will need to replace a refrigerator door gasket (also known as door seal), and fortunately, it isn’t easy to do.


Question #2. How long do fridge gaskets last?

You need to check the gasket every year at the very least to see whether or not it is in good condition. But take note that the life cycle of every kitchen appliance varies. The same is true with the fridge gasket.


Question #3. How to tell if the fridge door gasket is leaking?

First, close the door with a bill or paper slipped in between the fridge and the gasket. Then, pull out the paper slowly. As you are doing it, you must be feeling some tension. If not, then it is an indication that the gasket is broken or weak already.


Question #4. What will happen if the fridge door gasket is leaking?

The fridge is designed with a gasket to seal the cold air and keep the warm air out. But if the fridge is leaking, see how to fix a refrigerator that is leaking, then the compressor will be running more than usual, causing it to wear out. Not only that, but it will waste energy.


It’s A Wrap!

The steps on how to replace fridge gasket are elementary and straightforward. By ensuring to follow this guide, you will be able to solve the issue with your fridge and prevent it from wearing out prematurely. For more related articles, click here on how to fix a fridge seal. Thanks for stopping by!

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