How To Fix A Fridge Seal? 2 Easy Steps For You!

Do you know how to fix a fridge seal? Just remove and clean the gasket, also check if you find some damage. If you do, then it’s time to get it replaced. As a kid, did you remember slowly closing the fridge door waiting for the exact time, the light would turn off?

Then wondering how the fridge light knows that the door is shut, and as you grow older you notice a small button that when pressed turns the light off? Suddenly it wasn’t a mystery anymore. If you did do this as a kid then you were a bright one.

how to fix a fridge seal

Anyway, talking about closing the fridge door, if you’re here because yours won’t shut close then you came to the right place. When we close our fridge the reason it stays shut, preventing cold air from escaping is because of the seal attached to the frame of the fridge door.

This is also called a gasket. Just like any important part of a fridge, it has to be maintained and checked regularly. If it allows air inside the fridge to leak outside, then you have to do something about it immediately.

This would make your fridge work harder to maintain a certain temperature, ramping up the compressor’s energy usage. You would then have to pay more for your electric bill. Continue reading this article so you too could learn how to fix your own fridge seal.


Checking The Gasket

In order for us to know how to fix a fridge seal, first, find out what causes your fridge seal from doing its job properly. Does your fridge door not close properly? Check the seal if it pushes the door open again after you have closed it.

Do you feel air leaking through the seal? Look for any cracks or gaps see if the seal fits tightly. Below are some recommendations on what to do depending on what you find after inspecting your fridge seal.

Sometimes what prevents that fridge door from closing properly is all the dirt and grime accumulated over the years that harden the seal. If that’s the case then consider cleaning the gasket. If it does however shows signs of deformation and physical damage, causing it to leak cool air. Then replacing it with a new one is probably what you have to do.


#1. Clean the seal

The first thing to try is cleaning the gasket, regardless of whether the problem is with the door not closing properly, or with leaks. If this works, you would be able to save time and money. You won’t have to buy a new fridge seal and spend time detaching and reattaching the new gasket.

Since the gasket is made of rubber, soap and water would work just fine, you could also use baking soda, you could choose between a sponge and toothbrush as well. Just open the fridge door and clean all the edges thoroughly. Do it quickly though, you don’t want all that coolness escaping.


Steps To Replace Fridge Seal

If cleaning the seal does not fix your problem, then I’m afraid you would have to remove the seal and decide if you need to go get yourself a new one. Before you start detaching the gasket, a tip would be to turn off your fridge to save power while you open the fridge door and take your time working.


Step #1. Removing the old seal

To remove the fridge seal, first, locate the screws attaching it to the fridge door. This could be concealed under the gasket. If you don’t find the screws on the surface, then try lifting the seal and see if you find them there.

If there are no screws, just pull the seal off firmly until it detaches from the fridge door. Using a Phillips screwdriver, carefully remove all the screws attached. After this, the seal should be easy to separate from the door. Inspect the gasket again for any cracks or deformities.

If you don’t see any damage, then it is time to clean it again in warm soapy water. After it dries, reattach it to the door frame and see if it fixes your problems. Otherwise, go get yourself a replacement gasket that would match your old one.


Step #2. Attaching the new seal

After you get your replacement fridge seal, what to do next is very straightforward. With the same method, you used to remove the old gasket, use it to attach the new one this time.

You could also apply silicon grease on the side of the gasket facing the fridge door. This would help the rubber last longer and prevent it from cracking. If all else fails, go call a professional for help. It’s still better to try this first before buying a whole new fridge door, if selling it is even a thing and if you do find one for your fridge model.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned how to fix a fridge seal.    Thank you for reading up to this point of the article. Your time and effort are very much appreciated.

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