How To Repair Water Damaged Wood In House Posts: 4 Easy Steps

Do you have difficulties in searching for ways on how to repair water damaged wood in house posts? Or better yet, have you no idea of what precisely an in-house post is? This article will give you the answers and ways for your questions to guide you in more information regarding the issue and topic concerned.


how to repair water damaged wood in house posts

What Are House Posts?

Let’s get to know first what you are trying to fix. Before buying or constructing posts, house materials, and such, we first search if it is suitable to have in a specific or desired target position. Balancing and measuring the proper distance and sizes helps in the posture and proportions of the posts.

House posts are interior posts that support a particular thing, such as walls, roofs, and other house appliances. It is most likely to become leverage that holds the firm much stronger.

It is among the most difficult challenges that a property owner might confront for several reasons. If left unattended, they can cause significant damage to a person’s establishment and personal items.

In most cases, especially when it comes to building, wood is treated to survive the weather. However, because wood is still a natural substance, it can deteriorate and decay when left to damp over an indefinite amount of time.


What happens when water damages wood in house posts?

Commonly, we know how problematic water damages are as much as termite damages in house properties. It could be a sort of busted pipe, leakage, floods, etc. When water damages wood in house posts, the wood will soften up and break into chunks or cubes.

There are also water damages that center on the wood itself. In addition, be wary of molds as it is also susceptible and one of the significant factors in water damaged wood.

Mainly, there are different types of wood, and as it is, it also varies on the effects of water damages. Below are some of the impacts on different types of wood.



Staining and discoloration on the hardwood will reveal water damage. Aside from that, it will raise floorboards as well as the nails that keep them in place.



Also, a common wood that you might see in your business. It’s commonly veneered with a water-resistant finish and utilized as the primary material for desks and cabinets. On the other hand, excessive moisture might cause your particleboard to droop and disintegrate, resulting in near-permanent damage.



It is a common material for walls and furniture. On the other hand, plywood is made up of multiple layers of wood cemented together, of which some of us are unaware. As a result, too much moisture can cause these layers to deform and come apart.

Have you learned something new that we have given brief information about damaged wood and in-house posts? Stick with us because we are now giving you the answers for your water damaged wood problem on in-house posts.


How To Fix Water Damaged House Posts

We have now finally reached the last and most important part of this article, and that is how to fix water damaged house posts. As stated in the first and following paragraphs, water damages are widespread yet very problematic. Typically, homeowners always have trouble finding the best ways on how to fix it.

It is why we gave a brief introduction about the topic to get to know first what you are fixing. Here are the steps on how to fix water damaged wood in house posts:

Step #1. Prepare your restoration tools/materials. It is to sort out what you will use to fix the problem and ask yourself if you are skilled enough to do the job.

If not, it is better to call for any assistance or a professional. Nonetheless, if you can fix it, check if your tools are lacking or complete, especially your protective equipment for your safety.

Step #2. Check for the problem. The source of the damage will give you the best clues on how to fix it. It will also allow you to check on how big or small the damage is.

Step #3. Remove any deteriorating timber that you can no longer recover, and after you’ve scooped out the damaged sections, fill them in with auto filler putty. Just make sure you can push the putty in far enough to fill the hole you’ve created. It would help if you allowed the filler to dry completely before sanding to achieve a smoother surface.

Step #4. Finally, check the posts of its measurements for proportional and suitable replacements. Thoroughly check up on it from time to time if there are any missing parts or holes you need to fix.



We hope that this article has been of help in how to repair water damaged wood in house posts. Don’t worry, if you follow the advice we’ve provided above, we’re confident that your house posts will be able to recover from water damage on time.

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