How Do Companies Reimburse Water Damaged Furniture? A Guide

Water damage is known as one of the most prevalent reasons for homeowners to file a damage claim. How do companies reimburse water damaged furniture?

When it comes to water damage, one of the first concerns you’ll probably ask yourself is whether or not your home’s insurance would cover it. In this instance, the company will cover the cost of repairs by your ordinary home’s insurance policy, and an agent may help you look into the possibility of filing your damage compensation claim.

how do companies reimburse water damaged furniture


How Do I Make A Successful Water Damage Claim?

Most conventional house insurance policies cover water damage that occurs abruptly or accidentally from a cause within your home, such as a burst pipe. If this happens, your homeowner’s insurance will most likely pay for the damage.

If the water comes from somewhere other than your home, your conventional insurance coverage will not cover it. It is possible to obtain additional protection from flood-related losses by purchasing flood insurance, a different policy that might be a wise addition to your existing home insurance coverage.

Personal property, such as furniture, is a legal and insurance word for unsecured items with a lock or chain. The damage to your private possessions that occurs while in your house may be reimbursed by your homeowner’s insurance or a tenant’s insurance policy.


Reimbursement exclusions

Property damage or damages suffered by the following from homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies excludes:

  • Flooding
  • There is a power outage
  • Poor upkeep as a result of wear and tear, neglect, and war
  • The government has taken possession of the property
  • The loss was on purpose
  • Flooding and earthquakes coverage under standard insurance


Reimbursement inclusions

Insurance policies usually cover the following types of personal property damage:

  • Whether it’s fire or lightning
  • Storms or hail are possible
  • Explosion
  • Riots or civil unrest are considered civil disturbances
  • Aircraft-related property damage
  • Vehicles are responsible for causing harm
  • Smoke, vandalism, and theft
  • Volcanic eruptive activity
  • Objects that are falling
  • Leaks of water from plumbing and other appliances
  • Pipes that have become frozen
  • Surges in electrical power

Property damage claims are only effective when the claimant accurately details what occurred on the property in question. You must inform your insurance company of the exact damaged property, as well as the covered risk that has caused the loss to take place.

It would be best if you kept all of your legitimate receipts to get reimbursed for your loss. When actual tickets are not accessible, contact the store where the property was purchased and request copies of the documents. Obtain repair estimates for any objects that require repair.

In the event of other major disasters, it is always beneficial to have pictures or videos of the interior of your home to serve as evidence of the types of furniture you possess. Maintain a record of any receipts or repair bills you get if you require repair work to minimize the damage to your property.

If the persistent condition caused the damage you have been unable to notice, you might have difficulty filing a claim, or even worse, you may refuse your claim entirely.


Does homeowners insurance cover water damage?

You can claim for a water damaged furniture reimbursement if you can prove that the loss conditions fall under the definition of a covered incident. Next is if you experienced a loss of personal property as a result of the incident. You were powerless to stop the tragedy from happening or the monetary value of the object that has been damaged or stolen.

In filing a water damaged item, you must have a thorough description of the article provided. Also, the proof when you purchased the item, how much you spent, along with any receipts if you have them. Take note to bring photographs of the item that demonstrate its condition before the incidence.


What is considered to be the water damage?

How do you define “water damage” in this situation? In general, they describe the damage as water that has entered your home and caused damage to the interior. It can be affected by any of the following:

  • Stormwater that seeps into your roof and causes damage to your walls and ceiling
  • A hailstorm that causes your windows to shatter and your floors to become soaked
  •  A busted pipe that floods your shelter with water

It would help if you studied your policy to determine how it applies to your situation. It will consider unavoidable events. However, the insurance company will almost always not reimbursed any damage caused by poor repair work.



Knowing how do companies reimburse water damaged furniture, your insurance provider will require documentation to support your property damage claim. Check all the water damaged furniture you need to reimburse and make a thorough list of what you must exclude from all other dry items.

If you are confused on what to do, never hesitate to contact a lawyer. There are professionals who are well-versed when it comes to dealing with these kinds of cases.

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