How To Repair Water Damaged Laminate Furniture: 4 Easy Steps

Laminated furniture can be subjected to water damage and to repair them you need to know how to repair water damaged laminate furniture. Laminated furniture as stain and scratch resistant as they are can still be damaged by water seeping in, especially if left unattended for a long time.

Water damaged in laminated furniture can come as warping and bubbling of the laminated surface. In worse cases, the laminate lifts up and completely bares the core’s surface. Repairing water damaged laminate furniture as early as you can, can help you save and restore the furniture’s appearance as well as its durability.


Steps In Repairing Water Damaged Laminate Furniture

Repairing water damaged laminate furniture can be a task that needs immediate action. Knowing what to do in case of having water damaged laminate furniture can make this process much smoother and faster. With that, here’s what you need to know to repair a water damaged laminate furniture.


Step #1. Assessment

The first step is to find out the scale of water damage in the laminate panel of the furniture. Determine which areas require replacement. These areas are the panels that have either warping, bubbling, and lifted laminated panels.

After determining the scale of damage, make a list of how large the replacements are needed for the repair. Get dimensions and the type of material you will be working on.


Step #2. Remove panels

The next part is to remove the damaged panels. Peel out the panels that you have determined that the water damage has completely seeped in.

As you peel you can try to apply a contact cement release agent to dissolve the glue. The release agent will help make the process much easier. Leave the removed laminate panel and the furniture in a well-ventilated area to dry it thoroughly.


Step #3. Replace lamination

Now that you have removed the water damaged laminated panels of your furniture and dried it out as well, you can now proceed to replace the lamination of the furniture. Spread a new contact cement all over the core surface of the furniture.

This contact cement will glue the new laminate panels of your furniture in place. Distribute the contact cement evenly on the furniture’s surface to avoid having rough and uneven surfaces later on. After placing a contact cement, place your laminate panels.

Use a rolling pin when rolling out the new panels. This will help avoid wrinkling and bubbling in the replacement panels.


Step #4. Finishing touches

After placing the new laminate panels in place, secure them by placing weights on the laminate panel’s surface. Use a C-clamp onto the edge to make sure that the installed laminate panels will stick in place.

Leave the repaired furniture for a day or two to dry the contact cement. Once the contact cement is completely dry and the panels have been glued in place, lightly sand the patched area and re-finish the installed laminates or perhaps the entire furniture.

There you go! You have now done and finished the repair of your water damaged laminate furniture.


Is it possible to restore water damaged laminate furniture?

Of course! Like any water damaged object and structure your laminate furniture can be restored. To restore or repair water damaged laminate furniture you need first to know the types and signs of water damage to know what you are dealing with.

After knowing the type and as well possibly the source, restoring laminate furniture can be easy. However, there is something that you must keep in mind. Water damage requires immediate response if you want to save and restore your laminate furniture or anything that has signs of water damage in it.

Water damage can be very destructive when left alone. If you see the signs, then act quickly or everything might be too late if it’s left unattended for a long time.


What substance can protect laminate furniture from water?

To protect the laminate furniture from water, applying a waterproof finish is something that you can opt for. Other than that, you can also apply polyurethane to your topcoat.

Polyurethane is a plastic material that comes in various forms and uses and waterproofing is one of its purposes. It is used primarily on insulation, coatings, and adhesives because it is rigid yet flexible. Polyurethanes are applied on a wide variety of industrial products and are eco friendly as well, making them quite popular to use.



Repairing furniture can be made easy when you have the right knowledge on how to repair water damaged laminate furniture. Laminate furniture is all over the market right now, and you have to be responsible enough if you want to keep it in your home.

Caring for and repairing furniture is something you must oversee and do to ensure the longevity of everything you own. Water damage can be terrifying and destructive, especially when overseen for a long time.

A quick response is something you must always do. As destructive as water damage can be, it is still easy to repair as long as you act immediately.

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