4 Easy Steps On How To Repair Water Damaged House Frame

One of the things to know in how to repair water damaged house frame is the kind of polyester filler to rebuild the water-damaged wood. Apart from that, you have to learn how to assess the water damage as well.

However, we’ll get into the details of that later in the article. We’ll introduce you to the components of a house frame first, then the steps in repairing a water-damaged house frame. After that, we’ll talk about the costs of repairing house frames and if water damage is included in your insurance coverage.

how to repair water damaged house frame


What Is A House Frame?

A house frame commonly has three primary components. The first one sits on top of the concrete. This is also known as the sill plate.

This needs to be attached to the concrete foundation, so it is drilled and secured with anchor bolts. The sill plate is durable and is generally treated against bug infestation, water damage, and rot.

The second component of the house frame is the studs. These are vertical walls used to shelter the doors and the windows of the house.

After the studs, you have the joists that sit on top of the studs’ plates. The joists support the floors and the roof.

Since the sill plate is generally protected against water damage, they are relatively safe from water. However, wall studs are a different story.

Water can affect wall studs leaving them cracked and weak. Joists are also durable. You just have to dry them out and fix the dampness problem.


Steps In Repairing A Water Damaged House Frame


Step #1. Assess the damage

First, you have to look into the damage to your house frame. Check your house frame’s components and look into which one is water-damaged. Then, work your way from there.


Step #2. Fix the cause of water damage

Before fixing the water damage on your house frame, look into the cause of the water damage first. If it is a leak, be sure to mend it.


Step #3. Remove the damaged part

After fixing the root cause of the water damage, remove the affected area. For rotted studs, this means you have to cut a section of its drywall.

It’s okay to cut a big part of the drywall; it’s all the same when you repair it. After exposing the water damage, let it dry.


Step #4. Repair the house frame

After separating the damaged area, use a putty knife to remove the remaining rotted wood on the remaining drywall. Check the undamaged wood to see if there is hidden rot.

You can do this by poking around the rotted area, along with the undamaged wood. After removing the rotted parts, spread a layer of wood filler or epoxy. You can choose among the options for epoxy wood fillers here.

Then, smoothen the layer with a putty knife. Let the epoxy layer dry, then prime the damaged area to protect it from moisture.


Costs of repairing water-damaged house frame 

Water-damaged joists lead to ceiling or floor repairs. Ceiling repairs cost ranges from $350 to $1250. This can go lower or higher depending on the damage and the type of ceiling you have.

Flooring repairs are priced around $200 and can reach up to $550. Again, the cost would depend on the type of flooring you have and the extent of water damage.

Water damage on studs results in drywall repairs, and they cost around $550. It can go up to $850.

Most water-damaged drywalls are replaced, especially when they are entirely ruined. This is because the paper backer for the drywall is affected as well, and mold growth thrives in such an environment.

Having a sump pump installed is a great way to prevent further water damage due to natural causes. Sump pumps drain water from the home, so they work well in high water tables.

The cost of installing a sump pump reaches up to $1200. If you add the sump pump itself, then it can reach up to $1600.

Another cost component of water damage is the type of water that damages your house’s structure. The first category is clean water. This is the water from faucets or burst pipes.

For this kind of damage, you will only incur $3.75 per square foot, as a starting point. For grey water, the average cost is $4.50 per square foot.

Grey water contains contaminants which are why it is slightly higher than clean water. Lastly, black water from sewage backups or flooding costs $7 per square foot as a starting point.


Is house frame water damage included in insurance coverage?

Damage to your house frame may be due to harsh weather. Hail and water damage may be included in your insurance coverage.

However, to be safe, it is advised that you get an additional flood insurance program. This is because some of the standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover flood damage. You can opt to ask your lawyer and insurance company what would be the best insurance for you.



Now that you know how to repair water damaged house frame, we hope this helps you maintain and protect your house from water damage.

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