2 Methods On How To Repair Water Damaged Drywall Tape Easily

Using a joint compound is one of the best ways on how to repair water damaged drywall tape. You should also find the leak source and fix it to prevent further damage to your wall.

The biggest headache a homeowner can face is water leaks. When the water reaches your wall, it can damage the tape and cause some seams to open.

how to repair water damaged drywall tape

If you leave these seams alone, some unwanted moisture may develop inside them, and it may cause more damage to your drywall.


What Causes Water Damage?

Over time your home may face some problems, and the most annoying of these is water damage. Leaky plumbing systems usually cause water damage. Your pipes rust with age, and eventually, they may burst; that’s why it’s essential to check on them constantly.

Roof problems can also be annoying. Check your covers for leaks when rainy weather starts coming around, and make sure to clear your gutters.

Your wall closest to the ceiling may be the first part of your house to show signs of water damage. Fix once you spot them to prevent further damage to your home.


How To Pinpoint Water Damage

You need to stop the water damage at the source before you repair the drywall tape, but how do you know when your pipes and roof need fixing? First, you need to check for signs of moisture.

You can use a screwdriver to make some small holes or a non-penetrating moisture meter. If the drywall is soft, then there is water damage.

After checking the drywall, you need to see the interior wall. You can do this by making a larger hole or using a penetrating moisture meter.

Always check the moisture content of your walls if you suspect any water damage. This is essential, especially for cellulose and fiberglass walls.

Sometimes you don’t notice water damage, especially when it’s still in the early stages. That’s why it’s essential to check your walls after a rainy season to prevent anything serious. Mold can form if the damage is left for too long.


Step-By-Step Process On Repairing Water Damaged Drywall Tape

You have already fixed the leak at its source; now it’s time to repair the damage to the drywall tape. There are two ways to fix your wall depending on the severity of the damage.


Method #1. Minor damage

Fixing a minor wall tear is simple; you just have to patch over the damage before it gets bigger.


Step #1. Clean the area

Use a clean cloth to lightly rub the wall and remove dust or debris.


Step #2. Apply a fast-setting joint compound

A fast-setting joint compound will prevent any moisture from being trapped in the wall. Use a putty knife when applying so your work will be neat.

Make sure to drag the putty knife at a 45-degree angle. You should have a firm grip that is also soft enough to leave a thick layer of the substance on the wall.


Step #3. Let the joint compound dry

Wait for about 12 hours to make sure your material will dry properly. You will know it’s dry if you run your palm over it, and you feel a chalky, dry texture.


Step #4. Sand the surface

120-grit sandpaper is the best to use; scrape it over your work to make it smooth and remove any extra layers.


Step #5. Paint the area

Wipe the area, then retouch the paint using a brush or roller. Repaint the whole wall if the shades don’t match.


Method #2. Major damage

If the tape coming off your wall is more than 1 foot, then you need to replace the whole thing. This will give your drywall a new makeover.


Step #1. Remove the entire strip

Use a putty knife to dig under the drywall and remove the tape and paint. Push the instrument against the wall at a 45-degree angle for efficient work.


Step #2. Sand the wall area

Use 150-grit sandpaper to remove any debris or excess paint. Make sure to cover all areas so your work will be smooth. You may remove the dust using a vacuum or a clean cloth.


Step #3. Replace the tape and apply joint compound

Place a new length of mesh tape on the wall and apply joint compound to keep it in place. Remember to keep your tape smooth and prevent air bubbles from forming.


Step #4. Let the joint compound dry

Give your wall 36 hours to dry. Make sure no air bubbles form on your wall. You will know your joint compound is dry when it has the same light color throughout.


Step #5. Sand the area and repaint

Use 150-grit sandpaper to even out the area and paint over it with a roller brush. Most likely, you will need to repaint your whole wall, so give your place a makeover!


Does Your Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Sometimes, your water damage is just too much for a simple home fix. What can you do when you need to call plumbers? Can your home insurance help with your expenses?

The type of water damage to your home can affect how much your insurance covers. The three categories are:

  • Clean or clear water – This water includes overflow or leaks.
  • Grey water – This water has a few contaminants; they can be from toilets or any used appliances.
  • Black water – This is sewage water, and it can harm the residents of the home.

The most common insurance coverage is for grey and black water, but you could have your company include clear water depending on the circumstance. You can always ask for the assistance of a lawyer when you aren’t sure of your inclusions.



Peeling walls from water damage are ugly and annoying. When you learn how to repair water damaged drywall tape, you can protect your home and your family from pollutants.

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  1. You did a good job describing how to repair drywall with water damage. Using a screwdriver to make small holes to see if it is soft is probably a necessary evil. However, when it comes to making holes in drywall, we will probably hire a professional to make sure it is done right the first time. When we came back from our vacation, we noticed that our basement had flooded through the walls. Hopefully, we can get all the details we need from a professional.

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