How To Repair Vinyl Chair: 2 Helpful Ways 

This article on how to repair vinyl chair will give you two helpful ways to fix your precious vinyl chairs. The two ways are using Plasti Dip VLP and using a liquid vinyl repair kit.

We also included vinyl repair kits and the basics of how to take care of your vinyl chairs to prevent you from stressing over fixing them. If you’re intrigued, do give this article about vinyl chairs a read!

how to repair vinyl chair


Methods In Repairing A Vinyl Chair

Here are the two methods in repairing a vinyl chair.


Method #1. Repair with Plasti Dip VLP


Step #1. Prepare material

The only material you need is the Plasti Dip VLP. This product offers an easy and efficient solution for rips, tears, and small holes in your vinyl. It also dries quickly (about two hours) and blends the vinyl without much problem.


Step #2. Inspect the vinyl

After you gather what you need, inspect your furniture and prepare to use your Plasti Dip. Put a tape around the cracked or torn area of the vinyl but make sure to leave a little space of vinyl so that the Plasti Dip VLP has something to grab onto.

Also, make sure to curl the ends of the tape so you can grab onto it quickly after applying the Plasti Dip. After that, use the Plasti Dip VLP on the cracked or torn vinyl through the space within your taped area. Fill the space.

You can apply the Plasti Dip VLP as much as you need to, but be sure not to over-apply either. After using the Plasti Dip, remove the type while the Plasti Dip VLP is wet. By doing this, you get a nice and clean line on the vinyl.


Step #3. Air-dry the vinyl

Lastly, after applying the Plasti Dip VLP, let the vinyl dry.


Method #2. Repair with liquid vinyl repair kit


Step #1. Prepare the materials

The materials you need are mild hand soap, washcloths, liquid vinyl repair kit, sandpaper, rubbing alcohol, iron, cotton swab, and vinyl clear finish spray.


Step #2. Clean the vinyl

Prepare your kit first, then clean the vinyl with warm water and mild hand detergent. Use a clean washcloth to scrub the cracked vinyl. This is to remove body oil and dirt from the vinyl.

Scrub one to two inches past the cracked area as well. Then, clean the area with a new cloth until the soap is gone. Allow the vinyl to dry.


Step #3. Sand the chair

After cleaning the vinyl, sand the cracked area lightly. Sand about one to two inches of the space around it as well. Then, wipe the dust away with a dry cloth.


Step #4. Mix the liquid vinyl formula

Look at the instructions of the formula and mix it as necessary. Get the spatula from your kit, dip it in the liquid vinyl, then apply it to the cracked area. Evenly spread the liquid vinyl and make a thin layer on the damaged area and one to two inches around the damaged area.

Apply several layers as needed but remember to dry it first before applying another layer. Feather the repair outward to prevent ridge on the edges. To prevent gummy buildup, clean the spatula in between coats.


Step #5. Smooth the final surface

After applying coats on the vinyl, you can smooth it with a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Use it lightly since alcohol deteriorates the vinyl’s topcoat.


Step #6. Grain

Get a graining paper similar to your vinyl’s and set it on top of your vinyl. Apply heat on it.

Then, slide over the graining paper for 30 to 60 seconds to transfer the grain pattern. Then, wrap up the whole thing with a vinyl clear finish spray.


Three best vinyl repair kits

The best vinyl repair kit in the market is Fortivo’s Leather Repair Kits for Couches. It is a bit costly, but it gives you a variety of colors, it’s easy to use, and it can work on various surfaces.

Next is Fortivo’s Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit. This one is less costly, but it also has a limited palette and is not for extensive use.

After Fortivo’s products, we have Cconix’s Black Leather Repair Kits. This last vinyl repair kit is a cream and can easily be applied. It also does not have a stickiness problem, and it’s quick to dry.


How to take care of vinyl chairs


Apply protective finish

To keep your vinyl furniture clean and resistant to stains, you can apply a vinyl protective finish on them.


Clean regularly

Clean your vinyl chairs regularly, mainly if they get used regularly. You can follow the above instructions on cleaning a vinyl chair under method #2. Also, remove stains immediately and do not let them settle on the vinyl.



Now that you have learned about how to repair vinyl chair, you do not have to panic if your vinyl chair cracks or tears due to use. We have included enough ways and repair kits to help you fix your vinyl furniture, so feel free to use them!

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