Easy 5-Step Guide On How To Restring A Zero Gravity Chair

For those who want to know how to restring a zero gravity chair, you should check out this easy and quick five-step guide. Stay tuned, for we will also answer some usually encountered questions when owning a zero gravity chair in your home.


how to restring a zero gravity chair

Materials Needed

Before proceeding to the procedure for replacing laces for your gravity chair, make sure that you have the complete set of materials. If everything is all set, you are good to go!


Steps On Replace A Zero Gravity Chair’s Lace


Step #1. Join each hole of the fabric

You will first join each hole of the fabric with the metal part of the zero gravity chair by using your cable ties.


Step #2. Cut old cord

When all the holes of the fabrics are tied up using cable ties, cut the old cord with scissors from below the chair. Then you will be opening up the old lacing completely.


Step #3. Make the new cord in a double layer

With your new cord, make it in a double layer, put the cords inside the bottom of the chair, and make a node for the zero gravity chair.


Step #4. Connect fabric with new cords

After making the new cord in a double layer, the next thing you need to follow in this procedure is connecting the whole gravity chair’s fabric with the new cords you have now.


Step #5. Cut cables ties

After step four, you need to cut the cable ties with the help of your scissors to finish up your replacement for your restored zero gravity chair.


What is a zero gravity chair?

A zero gravity chair is a kind of chair that makes you feel like you are floating in midair, like being in outer space. This chair can let you relax and lay around with your feet elevated at your chest level.

So, if you are wondering where the term “zero-gravity” came from, this chair’s intended use is for astronauts. It is also manufactured to relieve stress and pain for astronauts during launches.


How are zero gravity chairs different from camping chairs?

If you were to compare the design of a zero gravity chair to a traditional camping chair, the difference would be noticeable. Zero gravity chairs enable you to recline and let you feel that you are weightless.

On the other hand, the back of the camping chair has restricted movement, and it does not offer the lightweight feeling you experience while sitting on a zero gravity chair. It does not provide the same stress-relieving features of sitting like how you elevate your feet to your chest, including cushioned seats and cup holders.

Note: If you have chronic back pain, prone vertebrates, or sore muscles, we advise you not to purchase a camping chair.


Can I leave my zero gravity chair outside?

If you think that the purpose of zero gravity chairs is supposed to be in a specific room, we are here to tell you that you can leave the gravity chair outside of your house. Since these chairs can come in different shapes, materials, and sizes that determine which can be better, either indoors or outdoors.

A weather-resistant zero gravity chair is a good material for outdoor use since it can withstand all-natural activities. Meanwhile, never use a non-durable zero gravity chair as outdoor furniture since there is a huge possibility that this object will deteriorate quickly and will not last for long outside of your house.

Note: You need to make sure that the frame’s coating should not be prone to rust when facing other types of elements. When you are confident that the frame can withstand any weather condition, it is alright to leave it outside.


What do I need to do if I leave my zero gravity chair outside?

If you want to leave your zero gravity chair outside, it is more likely to be critical to have proper storage. So if you decide to leave it outside, you will need to take precautions to protect your chair.

To protect the gravity chair from rain, it would be best to use a waterproof cover when you are not using it. Since the weather is challenging to predict, it is better to prevent than fixing a problem that already damaged a specific material.

For a lightweight zero gravity chair, it is prone to solid gusts and can fly around when it’s windy. To save your gravity chair from disappearing from your yard, you have to tie the chair to a heavy table, deck board, or with a metal clip.



Now, you have learned how to restring a zero gravity chair. Follow the steps stated in this reading, and you will be able to have your chair look brand new by restoring it. Also, take note of the answers given to the common questions regarding how to take care of your zero gravity chair in different circumstances.

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