How To Remove Tint From Car Windows Hair Dryer? 5 Easy Steps!

How to remove tint from car windows hair dryer? Follow the step-by-step guide to prepare all materials, turn on the hairdryer, start to peel the tint, get the adhesive removed, clean the window and repeat the process.

Get the window tint removed no matter what your reason may be. Sell your vehicle after getting the window tint removed, although it’s costly to hire a professional.

how to remove tint from car windows hair dryer

Remove the stains yourself using a hairdryer. There is no damage to the windows following this process. The hairdryer works similarly with a heat gun that simulates the effect of a professional. The hairdryer heat penetrates the window tint material to remove it as time is proper. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Steps To Remove Tint From Car Windows Hair Dryer

So, how to remove tint from car windows hair dryer? Below are the steps to make removing tint from car windows easier.


Step #1. Preparing the materials needed

The lists of materials to prepare to include glass cleaner, hairdryer, razor blade, knife, cloth, and paper towels. Afterward, you can start making the procedure as simple as possible.


Step #2. Turning on the hairdryer

Utilize a hairdryer when you heat the car window’s tint. Turn the hairdryer on, following the highest settings of heat. Get near the window tint. Target the corners as the most excellent places alongside weak spots. Hold the device two inches away from the window tint corners until it starts to lift, as this can take up to thirty seconds to one minute. As the tint begins to lift, pry behind using your fingers, razor blade, and knife.


Step #3. Keeping the device on a tint to stay at the same distance

Do not turn the hairdryer off if the window tint starts to peel, but rather, keep the device on a stain to stay at a similar distance, the same as before. Perform this again to peel its paint back. The heat breaks the glue down that holds the paint in a glass. Carry to peel the paint to pull it away entirely from the window.


Step #4. Removing the adhesive

If the window tint peels away already in a window, notice the glass has stains with marks. The marks will be adhesive that holds the paint in a glass. There’s no need to remove these marks. Utilize cleaning cloth to wipe away those stains. Utilize a hairdryer that removes stubborn stains that stay still.


Step #5. Cleaning and repeating

Give a complete clean in a window to ensure no adhesive will remain here. Take the window cleaner, including paper towels gathered earlier. Thus, your window will look good and new. Repeat the process for all windows to remove the tint.

Here’s how hair dryers work so you will know further how you can use it!


Understanding The Window Tints

Window tints are an essential part of a look but with certain limits. Nonetheless, the tinted car window films can be hard when removed. If mistaken, or you don’t know how to take good care of it, it might end up looking poor for years. The window tints will help safeguard the vehicle’s interior against the sun’s heat. It adds style to the overall vehicle look. As you notice in most cars, the window tints are a thin material layer to apply in the car’s window. A dark and black film on the windows reduces extreme heat to enter your vehicle and gives privacy in it.


The Three Window Tint Types To Keep In Mind

Below are the three window tint types to keep in mind.

  • Metallic tint. This reduces glare and heat, but it doesn’t need to be used on the front windshields to restrict visibility.
  • Ceramic tint. This is scratch-resistant, heat resistant, and helps block ninety-nine percent of ultraviolet rays against the sun.
  • Film tint. This is readily available apart from being cheap as this offers some privacy and reduces heat without reducing glare. Plus, it consists of less heat in reduction.


Reasons To Remove Tint From Car Windows Hair Dryer

Below are more reasons to remove the tint from the car windows hairdryer.


#1. Aesthetics

The tinted windows offer needed protection that impacts the vehicle’s aesthetics. While it’s in superior condition, it doesn’t look good in a car due to a strong adhesive.


#2. Film bubbles

Peel the bubbles, but they will create a less attractive mess. It’s better to figure out why an adhesive fails to remove them as needed. The bubbles form since something has been heated or stressed. So, keep things cool to avoid further damage.


#3. Change in the color

The tint gets older and turns into purple color, so replace it. Window tint is of non-metallic forms of dyes that do not repair by themselves. This breaks down later on that limits their ability to block ultraviolet rays as this poses more aesthetic problems and causes discoloration or fading in the windows when not checked.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to remove tint from car windows hair dryer. Follow the steps carefully to prepare all materials, turn on the hairdryer, peel the paint, get the adhesive removed, clean the window and repeat the process. Keep the reasons in mind why you must remove color from car windows with hairdryer!

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