How To Remove RV Air Conditioner? 3 Easy Steps!

How to remove RV air conditioner? There are three easy steps on how to remove an RV air conditioner. This article will thoroughly explain those steps.

Motorized vehicles usually contain an air conditioning unit ventilation positioned on the roofs. The placement of the air conditioner implies superb cooling efficiency. In addition, it can function although you are driving the car.

how to remove RV air conditioner

Air conditioning units in RV function the same as refrigerators. It does not intend to chill the place. However, its main purpose is to eliminate the heat produced from it. After which, the heat will then be transfer into the environment.

Because people tend to utilized RV air conditioners during the summer season, the vents and screens may become filthy during the next few months. Thus, always tidy your screens.

Double-check that all parts are working in order before turning on the air conditioning unit. Ensure that you do not have something to repair in the future. If you want to know more about RV air conditioners, keep on reading!


Steps To Remove RV Air Conditioners

To answer your question: how to remove RV air conditioner? Here are the following steps you need to know:

Sometimes, people tend to think about removing the RV air conditioner present in their area because of different reasons. For example, some of the reasons are broken units or only want to replace a new one. Thus, you need to know some steps you could do on your own without the help of an expert.


Step #1. Turn off everything

The first thing you need to do is to switch off everything, including the power switch and the circuit breaker. Then, disconnect all the wires, cables, and cords before doing an action inside the unit.

Ensure that you shut down your air conditioner as it may cause you electrical shocks. Your life will be at risk. Thus, this step is for your safety.


Step #2. Eliminate all the screens, covers, and other components

The next step you need to do is to take out the air conditioner from its compartment. To do that action, you have to disable and take out some wires and elements. Remove the plastic lid on the interior of the RV by loosening few bolts and control buttons.

Moreover, you must be able to reach and contact the interior parts of the air conditioner after you successfully remove the lid. You can usually locate the power supply and circuit breaker here.

Then, remove the outer ornamental plastic lid on the ceiling secured by bolts and screws.  After removing it, you can see the central evaporator coil and condensing facility.

The primary gear that links the air conditioner to the roof comes subsequently. So, first, disconnect the four larger bolts that typically tighten it. After which, you can now move and transfer the air conditioner to other areas.Peel the sealant and butyl adhesive used to form a secure fit on the air conditioner.


Step #3. Dismantle the RV from the roof

Finally, you can remove the RV. It is the moment to drop the air conditioning unit off the ceiling. Because the main unit is enormous, consider asking a friend to help you with this process.

Again, you need a companion to lessen the possible danger. Take caution not to injure yourself or your companion or break the RV. Then, you can now install a new RV.


Things You Need To Consider To Maintain Your RV Air Conditioner

To maintain the well-being of your unit, you must learn some actions. Here are some tips I can recommend:


Tip #1. Ensure to tidy the filters and screen of your air conditioner

Air circulation is vital to maintaining your air conditioner working smoothly, and filthy filters can stifle it. When on the highway, screens and filters may rapidly accumulate dust and particles.

Thus, clean these parts of your unit as often as possible. I recommend you this action to you to prevent any possible malfunctions. In addition, it maintains the well-being of the unit.


Tip #2. Utilize fans to distribute cold air

The airflow in front of the exhaust of an RV air conditioning unit begins to cool down, generating a clutch of cold air. Fans like this can circulate cold air around the area and lower the temperature more rapidly.


Tip #3. Place your car under the shade

Make use of your veranda to provide additional shade for your RV air conditioner. The less work of your unit to eliminate the heat, the less it will have to operate to maintain the coolness of the RV.


Tip #4. Protect and upgrade your RV air conditioner

Employ darkened or double-pane panels for your RV to help shield it from the heat. Close the tints and start making strong seals in any areas where hot air could enter.



Again, there are only three easy steps to remove your RV air conditioner. You only have to turn off the unit, remove specified components, and take out the main device.

People tend to remove their RV air conditioners because of several reasons. First, it includes a broken RV or, they only want to replace it. That is all for the topic: how to remove RV air conditioner?

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