How To Make Car Air Conditioner Cooler? 6 Effective Tips!

Have you ever asked, “how to make car air conditioner cooler?” We have about five tips on how to fix your car’s air conditioner unit. However, you should always identify the leading possible cause before mending it.

Before you bring your car to a garage or an automobile repair shop, you should try examining the vehicle and check for possible leaks and dents among the AC components. With this, you can determine an approach for an easy fix.

how to make car air conditioner cooler

Some remedies to this problem can be done by anyone, except the issue has already worsened. And some matters might be risky to handle if you are not an expert in vehicles and appliances. However, if you want to learn how to fix your car AC, this article will help you. So, read on!


Tips To Make Car Air Conditioner Cooler

There could be several reasons why your air conditioner is not blowing cold and fresh air. But you can have various ways to fix one problem in your AC. If you’re not an expert, we suggest asking for professional help or supervision.

This measure is to prevent any severe damage such as combustion or property damage. But some of these are to do and can be done in a matter of minutes. So, here are the tips on how to make car air conditioner cooler.


Tip #1. Pre-cool your AC

Before going somewhere through your car, always pre-cool the AC. And don’t switch it up to the highest setting because it will force and pressure your system.

With pre-cooling, your car and AC’s system will start to warm up slowly, thus making the components work efficiently.

In addition, when you leave your vehicle under direct sunlight with no shade, it will most certainly feel warm inside. So, you should open all windows slightly, leaving small gaps to let the warm air flow outside.


Tip #2. Clean your AC filter

Clogged air filters can prevent air from passing through. As a result, only a few touches of air can reach your face.

You can find your filter on your car’s cabin. However, if you want to remove it, you’ll open up the engine compartment. And you can find them inside the cold air collector box at the upper part of the compartment.

Some car air filters are permanent and undetachable. But you can use a vacuum to suck off all the dirt off at low power mode. Meanwhile, you can replace some with a new and clean filter.

Note that the filter’s pleats are fragile and can easily tear, so you can wash them by soaking or using a garden hose. But the water pressure shouldn’t be too high.


Tip #3. Always park under the shade

If your car is old, you can frequently observe overheating. And this circumstance would make your AC release warm air due to the heating surfaces near the engine.

So, when you want to leave your car outside for a couple of hours, try finding a parking spot that is near trees or in a closed space.

Additionally, heat build-up inside the car can affect your system. Leave your windows entirely closed, and consider investing in a windshield sunshade for your vehicle. This product could prevent about 50% of your car from heating up to the highest degree.


Tip #4. Refill your refrigerant

This substance is the main reason why your AC produces cold air. And it usually reaches a lifespan of a lifetime or the same as your car.

However, if there are leaks on its passageways, the refrigerant levels could decrease, resulting in less cool air. And it would also be more challenging for the pumps to transport low levels of Freon to the compressor.

So, recharge your car AC by refilling your Freon or refrigerant levels. Because it is dangerous to handle this type of chemical, contact an expert or take your auto to a repair shop. It can result in property damage and skin diseases if not handled properly.


Tip #5. Don’t adjust your settings too often

If you adjust your settings often, it will give your car mixed signals, and you might damage it. Set the thermostat to a temperature that can cool the interior enough without freezing you. And don’t set it near the center since it could make you sweat.

Also, adjust your fan settings between 1 and 2. That setting is already enough. When you adjust it every minute, you’ll find yourself having a defective thermostat a few years or months from now.

And you’ll find your air conditioner blowing warm air even though it’s on the highest fan speed.


Tip #6. Check for defective components

If none of the tips worked and you still experience warm air from your AC, there should be some leaks or tears in the AC components or coils. You should bring your car’s air conditioner to the repair shop to prevent severe damage.


It’s A Wrap!

And those are the tips we gathered on how to make car air conditioner cooler. Not only will following the instructions above cause your air conditioner to emit cooler air, but it will also help you save money and improve your car’s system.

In addition, maintaining your vehicle proves that you care for it and you want it to operate efficiently. These tips will provide you a better air quality so that you won’t sweat while you’re traveling. We hope you always have enjoyable car rides!

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