5 Practical Ways On How To Remove Mold From Deck Yourself

Use any cleaning agents you may have at home to scrub the area. That’s how to remove mold from deck. Mold thrives in cool and damp places, so your deck is an excellent breeding ground for this fungus. 


how to remove mold from deck

Mold On Your Deck

Your deck is exposed to moisture and all kinds of weather, so expect that mold will grow after some time. Mold is usually just an eye-sore that doesn’t have health implications, but you need to check and do the suitable preventive measures to be secure. 


Green mold

This mold is the most common type you will see on wood. It thrives in damp, moist, and shady areas.

Green mold has several species like Cladosporium, Penicillin, and Aspergillum. They all share a greenish hue that looks like algae. Green mold isn’t a significant risk when it’s in an open-air area, but you still need to take precautions from the spores. 


Black mold

Black mold is something you should be more concerned about. This mold doesn’t usually grow on decks, but the Stachybotrys chartarum fungus can cause severe respiratory issues when you inhale its spores.

This mold grows on wood with high cellulose like gypsum board and fiberboard exposed to moisture. So, if you have these materials on your deck, watch out for black mold.


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Causes Of Mold Growth Outdoors

Mold thrives in a moist environment, so a deck that constantly gets moisture is the perfect breeding ground for these fungi. External factors like leaf litter, airborne pollen, and fertilizer overspray can trigger a mold infestation. If your wood isn’t appropriately sealed, then it will be more vulnerable to mold. 

Minimal sunlight can also make your deck a breeding ground for mold spores. Check out this article to learn more about why green mold grows


Step-By-Step Process On Removing Mold From The Deck

Luckily, removing mold of any color is a simple task. You just need to find some simple cleaning agents at home that can remove any type of mold. 


Method #1. Chlorine or oxygen bleach

This chemical will kill the mold and mildew down to their roots. Oxygen bleach is a better choice because it’s eco-friendly and non-toxic.


Step #1. Prepare the solution

Mix together 1 gallon of warm water with 1 cup bleach, ⅛ cup dish soap, and ½ cup borax.


Step #2. Apply it to the wood

Spray the solution on the mold and brush the area. Leave your work to sit for 15 minutes. 


Step #3. Rinse it off

Clean the area, then apply a brightener to restore the wood.


Method #2. Pressure washer

This method requires force instead of a chemical reaction, and it can remove all kinds of pests on your deck. 


Step #1. Clear the area

Remove all the chairs, planters, or toys that may be on the deck. It will give the hose a better reach of the area.


Step #2. Wash the deck

Add some detergent to your washer and spray the area. Stay 24 inches from the spot and clean in a sweeping motion following the grain. 


Step #3. Rinse the area

Use water to remove any residue left.


Method #3. Hydrogen peroxide

This chemical can kill your deck mold, and it’s safe for the environment. 


Step #1. Make the solution

Mix equal pàrts water and hydrogen peroxide, then put it in a spray bottle.


Step #2. Apply it to the area

Spray your hydrogen peroxide on the mold and leave it for 10 minutes. 


Step #3. Clean the solution

Wipe off the chemical, then rinse the area with fresh water. 


Method #4. Baking soda

This powder is a gentle chemical that can kill the mold from its roots. 


Step #1. Prepare the mixture

Mix baking soda and water, one cup to one gallon, then use a cloth to apply it to the mold. 


Step #2. Scrub the mold

Remove all the mold with a scrub brush and continue throughout the area. You can use this mixture to clean the whole deck. 


Step #3. Wash the area

Once all the mold is gone, rinse the surface with fresh water. Vinegar is also a helpful cleaning agent, as well as commercial or homemade wood deck cleaner.

Just remember to catch it early so it can be removed quickly. Here are more tips about cleaning mold from a wooden deck. 


How To Prevent Mold On The Deck

Keep your deck safe by having a regular cleaning routine. Sweep it daily so there won’t be any leaf or first debris. Check the gutters for leaks and make the necessary repairs if needed. 

Try to allow your deck to have direct sunlight and good ventilation. These precautions will prevent spores from settling on the wood.

Wash your deck regularly with your favored cleaning solution to kill spores that have settled on the wood. Finally, try to apply a sealant to your deck. This will keep the wood strong and protect it from any water damage. 

Now your deck will be good as new! Just remember to clean the mold once you spot it, so it doesn’t become too severe.


Mold is a huge eye-sore, especially when it’s on your deck. Green and black mold can also give you health complications if you don’t tend to it. You will keep your front area clean when you know how to remove mold from deck, and your home will be beautiful.

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