5 Ways On How To Remove Green Mold From Wood Deck Easily

Before you start learning how to remove green mold from wood deck, you must find out first what causes it. Even if you try to clean it regularly, it will just grow back as if nothing has happened.

You must do the necessary actions and use the right cleaners to completely get rid of it. In this article, you will know what will help you solve this problem, so read on if you are interested.

how to remove green mold from wood deck


What Is Green Mold On Wood?

Like all molds, green mold grows on wood and loves to thrive in dark and moist areas. You can also see them on debris and other house parts that are often exposed to water and moisture.

Depending on several factors, it can appear in various hues. Identifying mold from their colors usually requires expert help, so you can consult an inspector to help you with this.

Mold is only an umbrella term used to describe a colony of different species of fungi. The most common species include Cladosporium, Aspergillum, and Penicillium classifications. They may appear either fuzzy or powdery at times.

It’s safe to say that you have already seen one of these on spoiled fruits, bread, and other food that has been contaminated. Several types of molds can grow on any surface as long as the environment is suitable.


Causes Of Green Mold

The leading cause of mold growth is moisture. If an organic material such as wood gets wet for extended periods, it will develop spores and spread into a whole new colony of green mold.

These fungi decompose and break down the material, and it becomes their food source. You can also see them in basements, bathrooms, and attics if the situation permits.

Wood decks are exposed to harsh environments, and there is little to no time for them to completely dry during the rainy seasons. This fosters the growth of molds in the wood, especially if it is not sealed correctly and furnished. Check this article to learn how to remove mold from unfinished wood.


Is Green Mold Harmful?

Contrary to popular belief, black mold is not the only type of mold that is harmful. Green mold has dangerous effects on humans who have been contaminated or accidentally ingesting it. They release airborne spores that can cause allergies, asthma, and other related respiratory concerns.

It is not safe to leave mold growths unaddressed, especially if they are located near your home. They have toxins that can even lead to blood poisoning and brain infections. Although it may not necessarily kill you, it can still seriously affect you and your family’s well-being.


How To Get Rid Of Green Mold From Wood Deck

Green mold ruins the overall appearance of the wood deck. Fortunately, there are several products and ingredients that you can use to work out the situation.


1. Pressure washer

A pressure washer is an effective equipment to remove stubborn mold and stains from the wood. To maximize its use, you can add a cleaning solution into a nozzle and sweep it across the surface—from the far end to the corners.

Aside from its effectiveness, you can get satisfaction from the instant results. It is easy to use and store. You can also use it on other places and objects that have a similar problem.


2. Mold mildew and algae stain remover

There are available products in the market that targets molds, mildew, and algae stains. You can get one that suits your needs best and use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Apply it in the morning and let it sit for at least 4 hours before rinsing. Scrubbing is not required for these products, but you can repeat the application 3 to 4 weeks after for stubborn stains. It would be best to scrape off and remove the surface mold before using these removers for better results.


3. Bleach

Bleach is widely known to be an effective cleaner, so there’s no surprise there. Use a diluted mixture and spread or spray it across the infected surface to kill the spores. However, it is not advisable to put bleach on wood.

As an alternative, you can use oxygen bleach as it is safe for the environment, biodegradable, and non-toxic. It will not damage the color and biological structure of the wood.


4. Baking soda

Baking soda is a mild chemical but still effective in removing stains on surfaces. To use, mix a cup of it with a gallon of water. Apply it generously on the affected surface and scrub off the green mold, then rinse.


5. Vinegar

The acidity of the vinegar will target the mold down to its roots. Mix it with equal parts of water and put it in a spray bottle.

Spray the area liberally and use a brush to scrub off the molds. Be sure to rinse the wood thoroughly after removing the smell with clean water.



There are many ways that you can do on how to remove green mold from wood deck. Mold infestations should not be tolerated and have to be cleaned immediately to prevent further spreading.

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