How To Remove Burnt Sugar On Gas Stove? 6 Easy Ways!

Are you pondering how to remove burnt sugar on gas stove? You will learn some fantastic tips to clean the burnt sugar on the stove as you further read this article. Stoves are the heart of the kitchen; without a stove, cooking is impossible. Stoves help you to cook healthy and delicious meals.

It is always better to clean the stove after you cook the food. As the stove is used every day, every time, and from season to season, because of daily use, stoves become messy. Try to keep your stove in good condition. It’s also beneficial for your health.

how to remove burnt sugar on gas stove

Keep the stove away from any dirt, debris, and any other food residue, especially from sugar. Once burnt sugar is stuck firmly on the stove, it is very frustrating to clean it on the gas stove.


Tips To Clean The Burnt Sugar On The Gas Stove


Cleaning burnt sugar on the gas stove is a bit difficult, especially when it is incredible. If you have a glass stovetop, it’s tough to clean the burnt sugar, but using a steel stove is an effortless task.

Never make any sugar-related items near the gas stove like milkshakes, juice, and mainly don’t boil sugar water on the gas glass top stove; it will damage your stovetop permanently. If the burnt sugar that spoils on the stovetop is very thick and stuck on the stove tope hardy, so you need special chemicals and techniques to get the burnt sugar off.

Chemicals work more efficiently than household chemicals like vinegar, boiling water, and baking soda, they give you a good result but these chemicals take time to clean the burnt sugar on the gas stove. Are you wondering how to clean burnt sugar on the gas stove?

Here are some fantastic techniques which help you to remove the burnt sugar on the stovetop. So, how to remove burnt sugar on gas stove?

#1. By using boiling water

If the sugar spills on the stovetop accidentally, try to clean it at the spot before it is hard and firmly stuck on it. If it’s not possible to pour the hot boiling water on the burnt sugar, pour the water again and again until all the sugar starts melting. Let the area for a few hours; after that wipe it with a clean cloth. This technique is straightforward and helpful. For more tips, read on cleaning burnt sugar on a smooth top stove


#2. Heat the stove

To remove the burnt sugar on the gas stove, turn on your stove on high flame; after some time, you will observe that the burnt sugar has started melting; at that point, turn off the stove. And wipe the melted sugar at the spot and wear gloves when you clean the melted sugar.


#3. By using scrubber

Suppose you want to get rid of burnt sugar from the gas stove, stove using a nylon scrubber. Keep in mind, use the scrubber only if your stovetop is made of metal or steel. First, the scrubber helps to scrape all the burnt sugar. After that, wipe the residue with a soft towel or microfibre cloth, dip the cloth in the warm water and wipe the surface.

If the gas stovetop is ceramic or glass, keep away from scrubber, scrubber only damages the glass stove tops. The method is effective only for gas metal stove tops.


#4.By using a razor

To remove the burnt sugar on metal stovetops, use A single-blade razor. The razor is very effective in scraping the burnt sugar, it works well to remove the burnt sugar; never use a carbide scraper blade if you have a glass top. A carbide scraper blade is harmful to the glass stovetop, but you can scrub the burnt sugar on the steel or metal surface by using this blade. To help you understand, know how to remove burnt sugar from the glass stovetop


#5.By using vinegar

Household chemicals are also very effective in removing the burnt sugar on the gas stove. For this purpose, use a cup of water and add vinegar to it. Mix the solution well with a  spatula. Pour the solution into the burnt sugar areas. Let the surface until all the solution is dissolved in the sugar. When you observe that the sugar has started to melt, wipe it with a microfibre cloth. This method is very effective, but the process is time-consuming. As a piece of additional information, you can check out how to clean top stove elements



#6.By using baking soda

Another alternative to removing the burnt sugar on the gas stove is by using baking soda. Take a bowl of vinegar and add the baking soda to it. Stir the mixture until it becomes a very thick paste. After that, apply it to the burnt sugar stove surface. Leave the solution overnight. Vinegar is acetic acid; it has acid properties, and baking soda is a base with antibacterial cleaning properties.

When both the mixtures react with each other neutralization occurs which means all the mess is run away. This is one of the best homemade chemicals which works wonders and helps to clean the burnt sugar on the gas stove.


It’s A Wrap!


If you are wondering how to remove burnt sugar on gas stove? Just read all these methods; these techniques help you to clean the burnt sugar. Try this method once. Hopefully, they are amazing, and you like them, my friends! For more stove articles, check out what can I put between my stove and counter. Thank you for reading!

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