What Can I Put Between My Stove And Counter? 3 Easy Options To Choose!

As you cook, some ingredients and crumbs will fall into your stovetop, so you may be asking yourself: what can I put between my stove and counter? Rather than constantly pulling out the range from your walls to clean underneath it, you may opt to fill those spaces instead. If you purchase or make some sort of silicone cover, you will face a lesser mess as well as stress in your kitchen. Otherwise, it can lead to some sort of inconvenience.

For instance, you may end up moving the appliance constantly to clean up those spills that are seeping in between the oven and cabinets.

what can I put between my stove and counter

On the other hand, if you ignore the waste that has accumulated down there, it may lead to pest problems. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to avoid those issues. No need to worry about that because we’ll be discussing that in this post. So, what can I put between my stove and counter?


Ways To Eliminate The Gap Between The Counter And Stove

You can put different things in between the stove and counter. In this section, we will introduce to you the most common and practical options that people use. This includes putting T-molding, plastic tubing, counter or stove gap covers.


#1. Counter or stove gap covers

You can easily obtain gap covers from online stores. They might also be available in the nearest hardware store in your area. These T-shaped devices are small and handy. Their bottoms are fitting snugly onto the gaps, whereas their top part are extending onto the top of your range and over your countertop. The tiny covers are made of different materials including vinyl, aluminum, or silicone. When I was trying to figure out what can I put between my stove and counter.

I have considered silicone gap covers since it is proven to be durable and long-lasting.


#2. T-molding

T-moldings that are made of plastic have a similar shape as those cabinet guards. The only difference is that this one is more affordable which is why more people opt for this over cabinet guards. You can buy a mini roll and just cut it accordingly based on the size that you desire.


#3. Plastic tubing

Perhaps, you are looking for a more invisible alternative, then you can consider using plastic tubing. You can measure and cut down plastic tubing into your desired size and then insert it gently into the gap between the stove and the counter. Since the plastic tubing has a clear appearance, it won’t be noticeable. Yet, it works the same in preventing spilled liquids and crumbs to drop onto the side of the range.


How Much Space Is Appropriate In Between The Countertop And Stove?

Generally, the residential stoves are listed to be about 30 inches in width. But in reality, these devices will measure below that particular number. Typically, they will come in a size of about 29.875 inches. The 0.125-inch clearance from either side of the range will provide enough room to allow your appliance to slide out of its place. Anyway, you can also read on how much space should be between stove and base cabinet.


How Frequent Should You Clean Behind The Stove?

This will depend on how careful you are when cooking. In case you are not a messy type of person when cooking and preparing the food, it would be fine if you do not clean behind your appliance too frequently. You can even do this less frequently if you eliminated the gap between the range and the countertop.

But keep in mind that however careful you are to avoid the accumulation of dust and debris behind the stove, it is still inevitable. Perhaps, you own a freestanding stove, you have to move it out every month to mop and sweep behind it.

For those owning a slide-in range, remember that it takes more effort in removing this. That is why it is more important to have the gaps filled so that food wastes will be prevented to drop down there. Provided that you have got this done right, you will not have to remove your stove at all.

To clean behind and under your slide-on range, you can simply remove its bottommost storage drawer. Then, get a dustpan and hand broom to sweep off any debris accumulation. Ensure to reach until the back. In finishing it up, use a sponge and cleanser. To understand further, read on how often to clean every appliance in your home.


It’s A Wrap!

Who wouldn’t want to know: what can I put between my stove and counter, since it is unsightly. Not filling the gap will also require you to remove the stove frequently when cleaning it. Fortunately, it will not cost much to eliminate the gaps and it can be done in numerous ways. Remember that any range type you choose, there will always be a tiny gap after the installation.

But with the method listed above, you will be able to get rid of them. Those methods are practical so whatever method you choose will do the trick. Furthermore, whichever item you choose to fill the gap, rest assured, it will result in lesser time when it comes to cleaning the kitchen. For more articles, read here on what is counter depth fridge and how to install a fridge. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy reading

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