How To Put Garage Refrigerator Heater Kit? 6 Easy Steps!

You can free up some space in your kitchen if you know how to put garage refrigerator heater kit? But take note that your garage can get very cold during winter. It should have enough insulation so that you will avoid any trouble. 

Your refrigerator may stop functioning, causing your foods to thaw inside. The garage refrigerator heater kit is an ideal solution in that case. But can you install this? Do not worry because, in this post, we will discuss the steps to install this in your garage refrigerator. But we get into that, let us discuss the basics first. 

how to put garage refrigerator heater kit


What Are Garage Refrigerator Heater Kits?

This is a heating coil that can be installed in your fridge thermostat so that the air around it will be kept warm. It is mainly designed for the refrigerator not to react regardless of the temperature in your garage. Keep reading to know more. 


How Does It Work?

The kit is composed of wire fibers inside the glass tube. These wires are supplied with electrical power by the thermostat. The tube will become warmer, thereby keeping the thermostat warm when it cannot manage itself. As a result, the compressor will run longer, so your foods will be frozen regardless of the cold condition outside. Even if your garage is not insulated, your food will still be frozen adequately during winter. 


Steps To Put Garage Refrigerator Heater Kit

A couple of steps are included when it comes to installing the kit. We will be discussing those steps in this section. But before starting, ensure that you turn off your power switch first. This general caution has to be kept in mind when dealing with electrical works. Now, here are the steps on how to put garage refrigerator heater kit:


Step #1. Prepare the tools

A few things are needed for this project. This includes the garage refrigerator heater kit, flashlight, and screwdriver. Ensure to gather all of them first before you start with the actual steps below. 


Step #2. Unplug the refrigerator

First, unplug your fridge from the wall socket. Then, separate the control of this from the rest of the appliances in the house. To do that, unscrew the hex screws that hold the backside and upper of your housing. During this process, you should use the flashlight to make things easier.


Step #3. Separate your control housing

You need to unlock the screw in front of your housing control. Then unfold the wire gently. Separate the connecter. Then slightly move your controller forward and backward. Ensure to keep your control housing somewhere safe. After you are done with this, you should unscrew its defrost timer.


Step #4. Removing the pad of the heater

For this step, you need to refer to the instructions for the kit. But take out its heater backing first. Look out whether or not the pad is folded. Then, press the place gently into the housing as you raise the defrost timer. You may need to take its thermostat tube out for you to properly position the heater. 


Step #5. Connect the wires

Inspect the thermostat wiring. You will see one orange cable and one black cable. Both of them have a tiny connector at the back. Separate the two from the thermostat and place them with the heater connections. Then, route those wires to maintain the uniformity of colors. In other words, the same color has to go together. You may also be interested to know about garage wiring for refrigerators in new home.


Step #6. Reconnect

For the last step, you need to safely reconnect all the terminals onto the thermostat, and you x the process. You can already reinstall the control housing by following the reverse sequence.



Here are the answers to some of your questions:


#1. Can you plug a fridge in the garage?

This ideal may sound reasonable. However, it would be best if you were cautious. It would be best to not plug the fridge into a ducting that a switch monitors. That is because discontinuity can happen when you turn off the switch. Also, remember to clean your appliance more often since it can get dirty quickly.


#2. How much does it cost to operate my refrigerator in the garage?

Based on research, using a freezer will cost about 84 dollars per year. This is when you use it in your kitchen. If you use it in your garage, the approximate cost will be 95 dollars per year. Meaning says you will incur more charges if you put up your refrigerator inside the garage.


#3. Do you unplug your garage refrigerator during winter?

If your refrigerator has food and water lines, you can unplug the appliance when the temperature in your garage falls under 35 degrees Fahrenheit. By doing this, you can prevent your waterline from getting frozen, resulting in some hazards. But it would be best if you did not unplug it for more than a day.


It’s A Wrap!

If you place your refrigerator in the garage, it is worth knowing how to put garage refrigerator heater kit. This can save you both time and money. The procedure above will aid you as you do the installation process. Follow the steps to ensure that the installation is safe and correct. You may also want to read about how to test a refrigerator defrost heater and what is the best garage heater. Best of luck!

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