How Much Is A Kerosene Heater? 3 Amazing Options!

Your question about how much is a kerosene heater is going to end soon since we have listed the name and properties of some of the best heaters in the market, as well as their prices. The good thing about this guide is that you’ll find out more about different heaters.

My friends, in this article, you’ll know heaters which are of different energy outputs, and you can buy one according to your need and wants. 

how much is a kerosene heater

It’s an excellent decision of you to look at the current prices of a kerosene heater. That’s the point we understood and thus found the heater with varying costs. So, what are you waiting for? Let us dive into the guide! 


What Is The Cost Of A Kerosene Heater?

There is not an exact answer to how much is a kerosene heater as the market contains hearts from different categories and prices depending on their features. You can get a heater for 50$ for emergencies, but it will heat the whole home. A separate heater comes with a variation in fuel capacity, BTUs per hour, and other features. 

A typical 10,500 BTUs heater will cost you 139$. Alternatively, a heater with 210,000 BTUs heat output for commercial use can cut up to 470$ from your budget. The range of a kerosene heater is somewhere between 525 and 5,250 square feet. But how to decide which heater is best for you? Because there is a wide range of heaters with a BTU rating ranging from 10,500-to 210,000. There is a hard and fast rule to determine the square foot and BTUs. 


Square foot

You just have to open the calculator on your phone and divide the BTU rating of the heater with 20, and you will get the square foot of a space that that specific heater can heat. 



Swap the division method by multiplying the square foot of the area; you want to heat with 20 to get an estimated BTU rating and then buy a heater with identical or close amounts of BTU production per hour. 


Different Heaters And It’s Prices

Now, let’s know how much is your kerosene heater. Read the following:


#1. Dyna-Glo convection heater 

No one is unaware of the work and properties of Dyna-Glo kerosene heaters. We are fans of the worth this heater provides in exchange for every penny spent on their heaters. The Dyna-Glo heater for indoor use works on the convection principle by distributing the warmth in the whole area. That area can vary from 500-to 1000 square feet, and nobody can get deprived of the heat.

The heat produced is 23,000 BTU per hour, enough to beat the cold and chill inside the cozy room. For how long the heat lasts on a full tank. Well, the 1.9-gallon capacity of the fuel tank can provide kerosene directly for 9 to 12 hours. 

The Dyna-Glo automatically shuts off after an accidental tip-over or due to overheating. The safety steps add a few more stars to the chest of the heater. The easy operation includes the automatic or side ignition that lifts the heater’s life. A siphon pump and batteries for ignition are also included in this bombastic deal. 


What is the cost?

Do you have 169 dollars? I’m sure you have, and there is no need to save money for this tiny amount of money. Then, go and grab a heater from any site you want and have fun in the heated spaces. 


#2. DEWALT indoor/outdoor 210,1000-BTU 

This is the age of hybrid things, and we all love the collection of multiple features in one place. The Dewalt heater is an excellent example of a hybrid heater that you can run on grades 1 & 2 of kerosene and diesel. The focus of the manufacturers is on portability, and they paid particular attention to making it easy to carry. A glove-friendly handle is a primary example alongside the steel hubs and bearings for 110 inches pneumatic wheels. 

The super-tough wheels allow you to take the heater with you anywhere, thus making it super efficient for job sites. Moreover, the other parts like the motor and air tank are also designed with the audience and their problems in mind. You can easily adjust the temperature setting of this 210,000 BTUs heater by a thermostat. The enormous size of the fuel tank stores the kerosene for almost 9 hours of use and can spread the heat in an area of 5,520 square feet.


What is the cost?

The heater is currently available for a price of 470 dollars. We know that the price is slightly high, but the features are of high quality. You must not resist buying this heater as it will serve you in many fields. It may be helpful to read about kerosene heater safety.


#3. Avenger 75,000-BTU indoor heater 

You can use this in commercial locations like a barn, warehouse, or factory. The Avenger heater is functional at a temperature below 40° F, thus qualifying as the top contestant to spend money on it. By the way, it can heat your warehouse of 1,800 square feet by producing 75,000 BTUs per hour. You can adjust the heat settings from 40-95 Fahrenheit as it has the facility of a thermostat. This heater’s body is polished with a black powder coating that gives it a tough finish. After the entire heater is entirely manufactured in the beloved country of the USA, this weather-friendly heater starts giving heat in no time. The company hasn’t allowed the heater to spend time on startup. 


What is the cost?

This great heater will cost you 249 dollars per unit. The attractive price is pushing me to get one for the next season. And I’m sure that you are having the same thoughts. 


It’s A Wrap!

At this point, you must have known how much is a kerosene heater. Check all the specs of the heaters before buying, or if you are still on the fence. You may also want to read about how to start a kerosene heater and how to install wick in kerosene heater.

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