How to Polish Your Stroller: 3 In-depth Guide of Tips

Polishing a stroller is an important part of keeping it looking great and functioning well. The process can be daunting if you have no idea where to start or what products to use, so we’re here to help! In this guide, we will provide information on how to polish your stroller step-by-step using our favorite products at Baby Mama Drama. Let’s get started!


How to Polish your Stroller

Steps on How to Polish a Stroller

Step 1. Use a stroller polish, like the Pristine Shine Kit by Baby Mama Drama or a similar product.

Step 2. Apply it to both sides of the fabric with an old rag and allow for drying time before putting your child in the seat.

Step 3. Wipe off any excess that may have splashed onto the handlebars or other surfaces around where it is being used.

Step 4. Allow enough drying time (usually 24 hours) until next use so as not to damage seats, fabrics, etc., when sitting on them again after applying cleaner/polish. Polish should be reapplied every few months if possible! Remember: How much you apply will vary depending on how dirty your stroller’s surface is – don’t over -apply or you’ll end up with a sticky, gooey mess.


How to Get Scratches out of a Stroller

  • Polish the surface using polish or toothpaste (for lighter colors)
  • Rub in circles with a clean cloth until the dirt is removed. Rinse thoroughly as needed for best results – dry completely before applying cleaner/polish again.


How do you get the Musty Smell out of a Stroller?

Step 1. Remove the fabric from the stroller frame and rinse in a tub with water mixed with one tablespoon of baking soda per two gallons.

Step 2. Let it air dry for several hours or overnight before putting back into the frame, replacing any padding that has been removed as well.


How to Clean off Poop stains on Your Stroller?

Step 1. Rinse away as much solid matter using cool water and dish soap or laundry detergent – use bleach if needed (be sure to dilute according to package directions). Allow the stain to fully soak through the material first so you’re not just moving around dirt/urine after cleaning part of it up!

Step 2. Dry completely afterwards using microfiber cloths/towels. How often you need to do this depends on how messy your child is but generally every time you get home from a walk, playtime at the park, or other outdoor activity.


How do you Deodorize a Stroller?

Fold up a newspaper and stuff it into the stroller, then light on fire! Don’t worry – not all of the material will burn away.

Let go out before you know it’s too late. How often? Well, that depends on how much your toddler or child has been sitting in their own poop for hours at a time but generally, every day is fair game to deodorize your stroller seats with this technique.


What Should I do if my Seat Comes off?

  • Be sure to check whether any screws are sticking out from underneath where the seat clips onto after being removed (you can use needle-nose pliers or something similar). If they are, remove them by prying gently and place them back inside the seat.
  • Now you’re ready to reattach the seat by pushing firmly, making sure that it clicks back into place securely before proceeding.


How can I Clean my Stroller?

Step 1. Remove any offending materials first and set them aside for safekeeping so as not to get anything else dirty or smelly in the process of cleaning your equipment afterwards with a bleach solution (one-part water/solution mixed with two parts regular household bleach).

Step 2. Apply this mixture generously onto all surfaces and let soak for at least five minutes until everything is nice and white again! It’s important to note: Do not use vinegar on vinyl because it will damage the surface. Instead, try using an ammonia-based cleaner like this one if your stroller is made of vinyl.

If your stroller has fabric wipes on the seat, remove them and wash them separately with laundry detergent in warm water before reattaching to avoid damage or tearing.

Step 3. After removing any dirt from all surfaces through this process, it’s time to start scrubbing!

Step 4. Use a soft-bristled brush over any stubborn stains or marks by applying slight pressure while rotating the surface until you feel that they’re loosening up (about one minute per stubborn spot).

Step 5. Rinse out the bleach solution after five minutes with fresh clean water and repeat as needed until everything looks sparkly white again! How often should I polish my stroller? It would be best not to wait more than two weeks between cleaning sessions.


How Often Should my Baby’s car Seat be Washed? How can I Tell if it Needs Washing?

A general rule of thumb: wash after every use! If this isn’t possible, then at least once per week. You’ll know when your child has an accident on their clothes by the smell of urine or faeces, and the car seat will have a musty smell if it’s been left dirty for too long.

  • Fill a basin with warm water and soap
  • Wash both sides of the fabric (top & bottom) using gentle strokes
  • Rinse thoroughly in clean water until all soap is removed
  • Dry completely before placing back into the vehicle or carriage/stroller frame.


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