How To Paint Mason Jars For Baby Shower

It’s easy to know how to paint mason jars for baby shower because there are two methods. You can paint inside or outside the jar and we’ll compare using a brush or spray to coat the mason jars. 

You’ll also know the best paint on the DIY baby shower mason jar. You can use this project for decors and favors. 

how to paint mason jars for baby shower

And for other ideas for the party, here’s how to make a baby shower favor


How To Paint Mason Jars For Baby Shower


Method 1. Paint the outside of the mason jars

The easiest way to paint baby shower mason jars is to coat the exterior of the glass. This is also preferred if you’re putting liquids or edible things inside the mason jars, 

You can use a brush to paint the mason jar in thin coats. Make sure to let the coat dry completely before doing another. 


Method 2. Paint the inside of the mason jars

If your DIY baby shower mason jars are decorations and centerpieces at the party; then you can paint their interiors instead. You’ll coat the inside of the jar by swirling paint until everything is covered. 

Then, pour the excess paint out of the jar before letting it dry between coats. To dry the mason jar, put it upside down over wax paper and move it from time to time. 


Step 1. Clean the mason jars before painting

The secret to ensuring that the coats will stick to the baby shower mason jars is to prepare the glass bottles beforehand. Clean each jar with some water and mild soap. 

If you’re reusing the mason jars with sticker residues, you can remove them with rubbing alcohol. Alcohol might also help ensure that the paint coats stick to the mason jar. 


Step 2. Select the paint for the mason jars

There are different paints you can use to coat the mason jar. The best ones that will stick to the jar include glass paint, chalk paint, multi-surface paint, and acrylic craft paint.

You can only use acrylic craft paint, as regular paint won’t stick to the mason jars without a primer. The same goes for using multi-surface paint coats that require a primer. 

Chalk paint is ideal if you also don’t want to prime the project.  And if you use glass paint on the mason jars, you will also bake them afterward at a specific temperature. 


Brushing vs spraying paint

You can choose to brush or spray paint mason jars for the DIY baby shower project. Consider testing using a sponge and paintbrush to know which method is more comfortable for you. 

If you need to work on many mason jars, spray painting them is more time-efficient. Spray paint also leaves a neat finish without brush strokes on the glass. 

But regardless of the method, remember to do light coats and never heavy ones. You can always layer coats as needed. 


How Many Mason Jars Will You Need For A Baby Shower?

It will depend on how you’ll use the mason jars to know how many pieces you’ll need. For venue centerpieces, you’ll need one jar per round table or three to four mason jars per rectangular table. 

If there are other table decorations, then you should also consider that. For favors, you’ll count one mason jar per baby shower guest. 

And if you’ll add the DIY jars to other things around the baby shower as decors, then plan the setup of everything. Will you just be using them to hold candles, lights, flowers, or to add colors, for example? 

Here’s where to buy baby shower decorations if you don’t have ideas yet. 


How Can I Use Painted Mason Jars As Decorations For A Baby Shower?

Here are some creative ways to decorate the baby shower with painted mason jars:

  • Paint mason jars in pastel colors inspired by the paper flowers, mixed flowers, or diaper flower arrangements inside them
  • Arrange painted mason jars to spell out congratulations 
  • Paint baby symbols and cute animals inside the mason jar centerpieces
  • Tie twine or ribbons on the painted mason jars around the venue tables 
  • Use the painted mason jars to hold the signs for the tables like the place cards or type of table (e.g., gift table)
  • Leave some parts of the jars transparent to show the candle or string lights


What Can You Put In A Mason Jar For A Baby Shower?

Here are some mason jar baby shower favor ideas:

  • Overnight oat mix
  • Parfait
  • Candies
  • Chocolates
  • Nuts
  • Coffee beans
  • Tea bags
  • Jam
  • Honey
  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Condiments
  • Flavored sugar or salt
  • Candle
  • Flower or plant art
  • Custom painted jars


How Much Are Mason Jars? 

If you’re planning on doing a DIY mason jar project for the baby shower centerpieces or favors, consider buying jar packs with multiple pieces. A 12-piece set on Amazon costs $19.99, for example. 

Check the jar quality if putting edible things inside your baby shower mason jars. They should be BPA-free for the safety of the guests.  



And that’s it! You just learned how to paint mason jars for baby shower by cleaning them first and then choosing a paint that will stick well. 

You can always prime the jars, but chalk paint works best for the project. As for the method, both spraying and brushing should work nicely. 

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