How To Paint A Wooden Rocking Chair: 4 Easy Steps

Do you ever think and wonder what to do with your old rocking chair? Knowing how to paint a wooden rocking chair is essential for you!

Painting a wooden rocking chair can either be done with spray paint or using a brush. Whatever option you’ll choose, we are here to help.

Having a wooden rocking chair sitting on your porch increases that relaxing vibe for summer. It is indeed a perfect way to spend afternoon siestas. From the basic steps of painting a wooden rocking chair to answering some of your questions, we got you covered!


how to paint a wooden rocking chair

Painting A Wooden Rocking Chair

Be it an outdoor or an indoor wooden rocking chair; you will find the need to refinish and repaint it. However, how exactly are you going to paint a wooden rocking chair?

It would be best if you prepared essential tools for painting your chair. Materials include your paint of choice (spray paint or brush and paint), sandpaper, primer, and a clean cloth. After organizing and preparing, follow these steps:


Step #1. Clean the chair

Old wooden rocking chairs are more prone to have stains and carvings. These can make painting a little complicated.

To ease this difficulty, make a mixture of dish soap and vinegar in warm water. You can spray this mixture on a chair and wipe the cloth to dry.

You can also dip the clean cloth in this mixture and clean the chair thoroughly. Use sandpaper to remove stubborn stains.

Wipe the clean cloth again or use a vacuum to remove dust. Completely dry the chair after.

In this step, it is advisable to check if the chair needs repair. If there are broken parts, you need to repair them first before moving on to the next step.

Some parts might be complicated for repairing. Significant issues need a professional carpenter’s hands.


Step #2. Sand the chair

After inspecting the chair from issues, get sandpaper and use it to smooth the wooden rocking chair. Make sure that the sandpaper smooths all the parts of the chair.

You can fold it to get it in small edges. You can use wet and dry sandpaper alternatively to secure the smoothness of the chair.


Step #3. Apply primer

Painting a wooden rocking chair does not necessarily need a primer. However, it is recommended to ensure a smooth surface. Applying a primer also prevents the paint from fading earlier.

Primers come in regular cans and spray paint cans. The latter is easier to apply and also dries quickly.

It also depends on the type of paint that you’re going to use. Consider these choices carefully before purchasing one.

Now, grab your primer and apply a single coat evenly throughout the dried wooden rocking chair. Make sure that all areas are covered! Some primers come with user manuals, so that you can depend on that too.


Step #4. Paint

Make sure that the primer has dried before painting the chair. Paint it evenly, whether by using spray paint or a brush. Be careful and avoid leaving brush marks.

Wait for the paint to dry. Apply another coat for finalization.


What Kind Of Paint To Use On Wooden Chair

Giving color to your wooden rocking chair is a recreational thing to do in your free time. It undeniably adds life and makes your chair look like it’s brand-new.

However, you might find yourself juggling paint choices. Latex, oil, or acrylic–which is the best paint to use on your wooden chair? Milk and chalky paint also add to the options.

These different types of paint also affect the kind of primer you’re going to purchase. Consider these items first to avoid unnecessary interruptions while working on the project.


Is It Better To Brush Or Spray Paint Furniture

You get it: the painting process is easy. What painting technique are you going to use? Which is better?

The quick answer: it depends on what you want your wooden rocking chair to look like. Brush paints are a lot cheaper and less toxic than spray paint. It also provides a wide range of colors.

Mixing colors and achieving a specific palette in a home is easily accomplished with brush paints. However, applying it can be slow.

It would be best if you will be careful while doing so. Brush marks can affect the wooden rocking chair’s appearance.

On the other hand, spray paints offer a professional finish and a lacquer look on a chair. Applying and drying it is also quicker.

It is an excellent option for a wooden rocking chair as you can evenly apply it. You don’t need to bother about brush marks.

Always remember to apply spray paints little by little and apply a topcoat for finishing touches. You may also need masks and pieces of newspaper to ensure cleanliness.



It is a practical skill to know how to paint a wooden rocking chair. It is even easy to learn!

Porches and terraces are often the most noticed parts of the house. Paint your wooden rocking chairs depending on your preferences.

Aside from avoiding more extensive costs from buying, you can also customize a wooden rocking chair. Consider your place, the style you prefer, and the budget you have before working on this project.

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