How To Open Stove Top? 4 Easy Steps To Follow!

If you have been searching how to open stove top, then you have clicked the right link. In this post, you will get answers to your question as we will be providing a step-by-step procedure. If sealed burners under an open cooktop are cleaned or replaced, the top must be lifted. Because of the hundreds of kinds on the market, many electric stoves have an opening in front and lift like the hood of a car. You just have to locate the clips or screws that secure the unit at the top. If your electrical range has fixtures to hold the top, the screws are visible. So, how to open stove top?


how to open stove top

Steps To Open Stove Top

Maybe it is the time of the year in which you are scheduled to clean your cooktop, and your dilemma now is how to open it up. We are here due to that purpose. Below are the steps that you need to take to get this chore done.


Step #1. Turning off the power

Turn off the power before you start opening the stovetop. Then, remove the drawer from the bottom of the stove and unplug the power wire from the drawer cavity.


Step #2. Lifting the top panel

Open the door of the oven to provide full access to the front lip of the top panel. Next, lift your fingers beneath each front corner to the top panel. Many open spiral electric ranges have no fastening; thus, the top will rise.


Step #3. Removing the screws

If you haven’t just lifted your top panel or have a sealed brick range, search two or three Phillips-head screws on the top panel’s bottom lip. Remove the screws using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Lift the top panel by grasping the front lip and drag it to the lock rod.


Step #4. Use a knife to open the stovetop

Put a knife between the front control console and the bottom of the top panel if your controls are on the front of the line. Look for a clip and lay the knife blade over it. Slide the knife over the clip while the top panel is lifted.


Lifting The Top Of A Gas Stove

The purchase of a gas stove for the kitchen has numerous advantages, such as fast heating when lit, cost-saving, and cooking without electricity. However, if the ignition of the gas stove doesn’t work, it’s time to solve the problem.These problems may frequently be addressed by the owner, although identifying and fixing the problem usually requires examining under the lift.

Many actions need to be taken, and each step has to be accomplished.


Step #1. Clean out grease and food debris accumulation

Before lifting the top of the gas stove, check whether it may resolve the issue by cleaning the top of the range. Often food crumbs or oil build-up block the gas route to the igniter. To clean, remove the burner that is not in use and wipe the surface softly and warmly with a soapy cloth.

Remove all other foods using your fingernail, toothpick, needle, or similar instrument

You may even use compressed air. Next, remove and reinstall all the food burner and grill, then you can activate the gas stove. If the top has not already lit, it’s time to continue. To know more about removing grease on your stove, read how to get rid of grease.


Step #2. Turning off its gas line

Remove the grates, covers, and bases of the burner next. The base may be connected with the screws depending on the kind of gas stove. When removed, place them somewhere accessible but not out of the way so that they are not accidentally pushed out of the counter while the gas line is being repaired.

Another alternative is to put them on the opposite counter in a clean cup or plate. Next, remove the screws from the burner pipes after removing the bases, if required. Then, this will be ready for immediate usage. At this point, learn to turn off the gas to a stove at the shutoff valve.


Step #3. Open the lift

Enter the spring clips by putting a knife between the top and the clips when the top of the lift is removed. The clamps are on the front or side of the oven. Depending on the gas oven, the lift top may now be removed or opened using a large pole or stick. For more tips to do this, read on how to lift a top of a gas range.


Possible Problems

Check whether the connection is loose after removing the lid. Unless the wires are correctly attached, they cannot produce the spark needed for the ignition. Secure any loose connections or reconnect any cables that are now disconnected from solving the problem. The cause may potentially be a faulty igniter.

Ensure that if all connections are safe, the igniter switch is changed. Turn off the lights and enter the ignition key.

If the sparks are yellow or orange, a blue or white igniter must replace the igniter gas oven. Make sure you have obtained the right ignitor for your gas range. Since the spark needed it may be removed without harming or breaking wires, it is usually easy to replace them.


It’s A Wrap!

Since you have already found out the steps how to open stove top, you can now proceed to cleaning the stove or replacing the stovetop. After that, ensure to put everything back, and you can use your unit again. For more articles about cleaning your appliances, read on how to clean fridge outside and steps to clean a window air conditioner Styrofoam. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy reading!

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