How To Move Washer And Dryer Upstairs? 7 Easy Steps & More!

Are you that eager to learn how to move washer and dryer upstairs? Wear gloves first when you tap into drain pipes since they have harmful bacteria. Be prepared to relocate the plumbing in a washer and dryer and expect the unexpected.

While you move the pipes, there will be roadblocks that might hinder pursuing the project.

how to move washer and dryer upstairs

It’s better to use a pan below the appliances because if the washer leaks or overflows, it will bring a lot of damage, like the second floor providing a base that will support the vibrations and the machine. Include a water hookup, too, a 4-prong electric hookup, and drainage for it. So, let’s begin to read this article!


Steps To Follow When Moving Washer Upstairs

Here are the steps to keep in mind when moving the washer upstairs.


Step #1. Placing the equipment carriage

Place the equipment carriage with wide tires and a more oversized frame. It has a flexible harness that ties the equipment in the carriage, which is better than a small “hand truck.” It’s good to buy one in a construction and house store and lease the tool cart from a leasing company. Read the reference manual for further instructions regarding handling the cart.


Step #2. Dropping the peripheral connections

Next to follow is to drop the peripheral connections such as the ventilation nozzles or water pipes. Grab some cable ties to get the electrical cables protected. Do it correctly so it won’t hinder the path when shifting. Nevertheless, be sure that there are no rat dens or bugs once you use the washer. You never wanted to move unnecessary elements into the room with that equipment.


Step #3. Positioning the throw blanket over the surface of the device

Position a small throw blanket over the surface of the device. Mount it next to the cart that protects it from falls or scratches.


Step #4. Flipping the service cart lower and under the washer

Next to follow on how to move the washer and dryer upstairs is to convert the service cart more down and right under the washer. Tie its brace crossways the middle section of the washer. Secure it tightly with a ratchet knob right through the machine’s frame.


Step #5. Moving the machine cart

Move the machine cart while you position the washer to the foot of the stairs. The tires and the knob should be alongside the steps.


Step #6. Moving up to two to three measures and turning the car to you

Move up two to three measures while turning the equipment cart towards you. Lift on the surface of the washer, reaching the cart beginning in the case with your associates or shifting buddies. They should fold their knees and not fall over through their back. They should move slowly and gradually upward as they step and each step. If you want to stop and relax, you need to quit for some time.  


Step #7. Placing the washer in order

Place the washer in the correct order. After that, follow the procedure of moving the dryer upstairs.


Steps To Follow When Moving Dryer Upstairs

Here are the steps to consider when moving the dryer upstairs.


Step #1. Safeguarding the dryer in the moving vehicle

Safeguard the dryer using ratchet ties or string in the moving vehicle. And then, place lightboxes on the borders of the tool. However, it should not be as large as it might cause breakage in the unit. Get the dryer disconnected and attach the connection to the dryer’s rear. Use duct tape or packaging glue in doing so. Get the pipe detached and position it in the dryer for the gas dryer.


Step #2. Placing the metal pipe vent in the container

If the metal pipe vent has disconnected and decently placed next to the container, repair the pipe after you put it; if there is, a vent pipe exists. Cover the dryer with the packing sheets and place it in the dolly. Then, you could move it next to your car. If you do not use a dolly, you may use some moving casters or bed sheets that implement the same measures, as this is the same as what you do with the clothes washer. Follow the same steps discussed in moving the washer, whether you’ll move it downstairs or upstairs. It may be helpful to read about the best compact washer and dryer.


Other Pointers For You To Remember When Moving The Machines

Below are more pointers to remember how to move washer and dryer upstairs:

  • Cut the drain or source from the unit’s rear part following the supplier’s directions. Configure its clamps and follow other procedures in the guide to prepare the washer as you shift it to another place. Cover the cap while protecting the power wire at the back of the device. Secure the front-load washer and lock in the gate.
  • Surround the washer with traveling sheets to safeguard against damages or scuff marks. Get support from anyone if you place it onto a trolley and drive it upward the slope and the truck.
  • If there’s no hand cart or dolly to use, drag the machine to the correct position with a blanket. Just go gently, raise your legs. Take some breaks when needed and carry up the laundry system on the stairs. You must pause as well every step of the way.


It’s A Wrap!

How to move washer and dryer upstairs is easier when you have a support team around to do it. It will also require some tools like a dolly or machine cart. It will involve some dragging, lifting, and shifting. But more importantly, it does require pausing each step of the way. You may want to read related articles; know how much is Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer are and how to use a lock washer.

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