How To Move A Heavy Mattress? 7 Easy Steps To Follow

How to move a heavy mattress?  You can either ask for help if you only need to move your bed to another room or hire a shipping service.

Here are some facts you should know when shipping a mattress. Click here!

How to move a heavy mattress

You have always wanted to buy a big lovely mattress. But now that you have to move it, you realize how heavy your bed is.

I bet you are probably sitting in it as you hold your mobile phone and search for the steps on how you can move a heavy mattress.

That’s why you are here today!

Moving a heavy mattress can either be a long misery or just a 15-minute procedure.

This post will make sure that the case will be the latter for you and not the former.

As such, read until the end of this post!


Helpful Equipment To Prepare When Moving A Mattress

Before we proceed with the steps, it is best to prepare all the things you need first.

All of these items are necessary for making the moving process easier for you.

Here’s the list!

  • Mattress bag
  • A mattress cover or bubble wrap
  • Straps or ropes
  • Packaging tape
  • Scissors
  • Moving blankets
  • Cart or dolly


Steps To Move A Heavy Mattress

If you ensure to follow the steps below, the process of moving your heavy mattress will be done in no time.

Here are the steps on how to move a heavy mattress:


Step #1. Removing the mattress from the frame of the bed

Before anything else, you need to prepare your mattress first by taking off the beddings first.

Then, lift your mattress and place it against the wall of your room. Make sure to use the proper lifting technique in this step.


Step #2. Covering the mattress with a plastic

This step is necessary to prevent your mattress from getting stains and dirt along the way.

Raise one end of the bed and slide the cover.

Make sure that you cover the entire mattress. Also, dismiss the air inside the cover before sealing it with packaging tape.


Step #3. Placing your mattress inside a mattress bag

To further safeguard the bed, you can put it inside a mattress bag.

Do this the same you do in step #2.

After that, close the bag.

In case it does not have a zipper, you may use self-adhesive strips in sealing it.


Step #4. Removing any obstacles

Before the move, you must ensure first that your path is clear. Inspect the route and get rid of any items that can potentially hinder your work.


Step #5. Properly lift your mattress

It would be best if you decided beforehand who among you will move forward or backwards. Keep your mattress on its side and grab it from its bottom corner.


Step #6. Carrying your mattress to the transport vehicle

In doing this step, you must not rush. Make sure to bring and put down the bed at the same time.

Moving straps might as well help you with this.


Step #7. Securing the safety of the mattress in the vehicle

In transporting your bed, it would be best to position it upright while it’s on its side.

You can use a tie-down strap to secure the mattress in the vehicle.


List Of Considerations When Moving A Heavy Mattress

Of course, you wanted to complete the moving process without causing any damage to your mattress.

More importantly, you wouldn’t want to get yourself hurt along the way.

So the best thing to do to avoid these two is to plan and prepare.

Reflect on this question first before starting to move your mattress.


Question #1. Is it worth it to move the mattress?

In general, a mattress can last up to 7 years or more. It depends on how you use it and on its quality.

In any case, a mattress older than this might not be worth moving anymore. Instead, buying a new one might be the better thing to do.


Question #2. Do you have a vehicle that is big enough to transport the mattress?

Imagine going through the entire trouble of lifting your mattress towards your car to find out that it won’t fit.

Avoid such a scenario by getting the mattress measurements first and the space of the vehicle in advance.


Question #3. Is there somebody that can offer you help?

Ensure that there is somebody who can give you a hand on the move. It is impossible to do this alone. You might end up injuring yourself.


Question #4. Where to unpack the mattress?

It would be best if you did not place the mattress directly in your new home’s bedroom. Instead, set it up in another first.


It’s A Wrap!

Moving a heavy mattress can be very troublesome.

If you want to ensure its safety, your need to things right. Prepare for it ahead of time.

Ensure to safely pack and secure it with a mattress cover and a mattress bag.

Utilize straps when carrying and lifting them to prevent any injuries.

Besides that, clear the path from your bedroom towards the car to be sure that it is free from any potential obstacle.

Securing the mattress with straps as it is in the vehicle is also a good idea.

If you follow the tips and steps above on how to move a heavy mattress, for sure, your mattress will arrive in good shape.