How To Move A Bed With A Car? 4 Easy Steps For A Safe Trip!

Are you having a problem with how to move a bed with a car? We can accomplish this in such easy steps without having to worry about anything.

Now that you have a new home, the first thing that you should do is to prepare.

And pack up your stuff for moving, right?

Moving bed safely might be an issue for some.

People who not have any ideas on how they can accomplish it without worrying about any problems.

Often, people would make mistakes in moving the bed.

This could cause damage or scratch its parts and require you to replace them.

But how can we avoid making errors like this when we move out the bed?

About that, you do not have to worry about anything when it comes to this part because we got you covered.

At least in this way, we can help you lessen the problems.

Also, adequately teach you steps on how we can prevent things from happening anytime.


Steps To Move A Bed With A Car

When it comes to carrying things around your house.

It may sound like it is hard to do, especially if you are doing it all by yourself, right?

Yes, we can do things independently.

But, it will take a lot of time and effort to finish the task all by ourselves.

Instead of tiring yourself out the whole day carrying things that are needed to be moved.

I recommend that you call a friend over to help you with that.

Once they are inside the car, you won’t have to worry about a thing anymore.

Things like this usually happen if you’re going to move out to a new house or dorm, but you are all by yourself.

Now you think of how you can move things with ease and worry about getting damaged like your bed.

Well, worry no more because we got solutions to follow to move out more accessible than ever.

One mistake could lead to various problems.

To make sure to be wary and educated enough to do things without any issues furthermore.

So, here are the steps on how to move a bed with a car:


Step #1. Removing your mattress from the bed frame

To start doing things, first, you need to remove your mattress away from the bed frame.

Slowly carrying it upwards and then pulling it out of the frame.

Then you’ll want to place the mattress inside a large bag.

Ensure that all the air inside of it has been pushed out to secure and lock out the moisture.

Seal both ends by folding or rolling the flaps together, and they shall meet in the center.

Now grab your tape and put a hefty amount to secure the bag.


Step #2. Preparing to move out the furniture

Now, check the closest route possible from your bedroom to where your car is.

It will help you avoid confusion when the mattress is already being carried out of the house.

There might be some debris or obstacles lying around in the way.

So as you check the route, make sure that you have time to clean all of those to avoid damages.

Now open the doors, making sure that they are securely locked to avoid hassle later on.

Also, prepare your car already so that it will be easier to put inside.

Make sure before putting things inside your car that the interior part of it is clean.

You may also have to remove your car’s seats if its width cannot fit the vehicles’.


Step #3. Lifting the mattress

Having another person to help you hold both sides of the mattress carrying it with force.

Also, proper posture to avoid back pain is a must.

First, fold your feet down when carrying and avoid straightening your body and feet as much as possible.

That will cause it to be sore more over time.

Then grab the bottom of the mattress and lift it together, giving equal force to both sides when carrying it.

You can also use a hand truck with cardboard supports on the side if needed.

But, if you don’t have one, there is no problem.

Please do the same with your bed frame.

However, disassembling the parts first before carrying them would make it a lot easier.

After that, follow its instructions, and you are all set.


Step #4. Loading the bed inside

Now that you have carried them outside, it is time that you take your mattress for the last time ever.

Making sure that it snugs in nicely into the car.

Follow it by putting all the bed parts on one side to avoid weird sounds during the trip.

It is also recommended that you use a ratchet strap if you are moving.

Because it will help secure your bed into place without unnecessary movements.



Moving beds will not be the same as before anymore.

Since the steps we taught will make moving out things easier for you without a problem.

Call a friend, as experience moving your stuff with ease.

Well, that is all for “how to move a bed with a car?”

Have a safe trip!

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