How To Measure Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to measure curtains for sliding glass doors?

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how to measure curtains for sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are often used in houses on terraces or as a door to the backyard or pool area.

But then, even in that area, you would want to see curtains hanged in there for it not to look too plain.

Since glass doors are tall and they may have a different way of measuring it from the way we measure windows.

But then maybe you can apply such things to how you measure glass doors.

Here is a reference.

Glass doors are pretty for houses or rooms with a good view outside them, but then you need a curtain still.

Stay and learn some more.


Steps To Measure Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors

When you have a glass door, you need to put some curtains to have a little shade to play along.

You need to have some privacy at times which is why having a curtain on it is necessary.

It depends on you either what type of curtain you would want to have, but make sure that you measure the dimensions right.

A curtain is no good when it doesn’t fit the glass door perfectly.

Instead, it should sit nicely and cover the whole door.

So, how to measure curtains for sliding glass doors?

Upon measuring curtains for windows, these are the steps that you can use as a guide to know such.


Step #1. Prepare the materials

Upon measuring, you will need your tools to make sure that you get the proper measurements.

Have a long measuring tool like at least 10 feet long.

That will make your measuring time shorter.

With a much longer tape, you can easily measure the height of your sliding door.

You should measure from the floor up to the top of the door frame.

But remember to do this on both sides.

It is necessary because there are times where the two sides are not the same due to how it was built, but you need to apply this to have an equal curtain.

Also, you should add an extra amount of fabric on top for the design and the rod pocket upon measuring the lengths.

You can have a custom-made curtain if you want it to be precise, or you can buy an already made one and rework it.


Step #2. Adding extra fabric

This step is a follow-up to what was mentioned earlier in the first step.

First, you have to add some amount of fabric.

It is for the curtain rod pocket or a hem on top with a decorative touch since you will hang your curtain a bit higher than its top frame.

That is necessary and very important.

It is not only to make it look good but also to make it functional and even better.


Step #3. The width

Upon measuring your width, you can use the same measuring tool.

Just be sure to list the measurements so you won’t get lost while doing the width.

In measuring the width of the door, you should start from the other part of the door frame on the left, going to the outer part of the frame on the right.

In that way, you make sure that you measure it right and make that one right.

Better sure than sorry, remember?

Then add about 8 inches on the measurement you got for your width.

That will leave about 4 inches on each side if ever you leave your door opened.

By having the allowances given, we are sure that the unbalanced measurements you made won’t be visible enough.

That will hide it thoroughly, and even your own eyes would not notice it.

So it is indeed a good thing for you because it is less hassle.


Where To Buy Already Made Curtains?

When you want to buy curtains, you can find one in two options.

And this will be online or physical.

You can find curtains along with the areas near your house, such as supermarkets, malls, or even boutique shops.

It is up to you to find a good store where you can find good curtains within your budget.

Curtains might look good, but the price will also reflect the quality and the looks of it.

You can also buy online if you wish to, there are more choices in there, but you still have to wait a couple of times.

Also, the quality might not be the same as what is shown in the picture on your site.

The risk is always with you.

Know what is practical more efficient to do at this time.



And we are now at the end of our article. We are hoping that you have learned a lot from us today.

While enjoying this, we managed to answer, how to measure curtains for sliding glass doors.

Hoping that you can apply these steps, don’t forget to take a screen capture or have a bookmark on this one.