How To Make Your Bed Look Fluffy? 9 Easy Tips For A Cozy Rest!

How to make your bed look fluffy? There are nine easy tips that you can try, my friends.

Indeed, a bed is what you look for when you are drained after a long day of work.

how to make your bed look fluffy

So, it must be comfortable so you can rest well.

Your bed should be fluffy, comfortable, and relaxing.

Who would like a bed that is as hard as a rock?

Can you imagine the neck and back pains you’d get when you wake up?

That’s not relaxing at all.

Everybody wants a soft bed as the clouds, pillows that are soft as the sheep’s wool.

Also, a softer blanket than a feather’s touch.

It provides a better experience when sleeping.

Sleep is also important to humans, and beds are made for you to have a place to rest and recharge.

Tips To Make Bed Look Fluffy And Comfortable

Beds are already made to be comfortable for us to sleep well.

But, what if I tell you that there are ways to make your bed fluffy than it is.

Here are tips on how to make your bed look fluffy:


Tip #1. Pillows

Usually, you buy pillow covers that would exactly fit your pillows.

However, to make it look more fluffy.

Buy a pillowcase that is 2 inches smaller than your pillow.

You may think your pillow won’t fit, but with a little push to fit it inside.

It will be bulky, for this will make it fluffier.

I would also advise having a big pillow.

These pillows can be fluffy, and the more pillows you have, the comfier your bed will get.

Have at least four long pillows and four throw pillows.

The more pillows you have, the merrier it will be.


Tip #2. Watch out for sales

If you ever find a chance to run by a bedroom sale.

It may be throw pillows that are out of your style.

But, you may still use them.

Just remove the covers and change them to your preferences.

You can add this to your room, and as said, the more pillows you have, the comfier your bed gets.

You may also put the extra pillows on your sofas.


Tip #3. Layer the bed

Other than the mattress to make the bed soft.

Comforters are made to make it more comfortable.

They are a type of blanket that is fluffier.

It is filled with layers of materials such as wool, silk, or feathers.

Layer two duvet inserts on your bed.

It will make the bed fluffier than it is.

It doesn’t need to be expensive for any will when you layer one to another: double layer, double comfort.


Tip #4. Stack the pillows

What’s wrong with sticking to just two pillows when you can have as many as you can?

More pillows can make the bed look fluffy.

So stack all the pillows you have and cuddle with them all.


Tip #5. Roll down the top layer

Take the top layer of your bed, the comforters, blanket, everything on top.

Instead of laying them straight on top of your bed.

Then, fold it a third way down.

Ever see a queen-sized or a king-sized bed.

Where the maids always fold the top layer about a third.

It can make your bed look fluffy and make your blankets comfier.


Tip #6. Blankets

You would also want a fluffy blanket.

There are soft fuzzy blankets called Bedsure Faux Fur Blanket.

They are very fluffy to touch and comfortable, too.


Tip #7. Add a throw blanket

Just toss a throw blanket at the end of the bed, rumple it up a little.

Drape another blanket on top of the folded sheet.

This extra layer will add coziness to your bed.

Find one that is the size of your bed for a cozy feeling.


Tip #8. Chop your pillows

Not literally chop them, but chop the top portion of your pillow so they won’t look stiff or rigid.

Chopping your pillows will make a curve effect and will make them look fluffy.


Tip #9. Out of fluff, dry it

This tip applies to both your comforter and pillows.

If they ever fluff out, do not throw them away and buy a new one.

That can be a waste of money.

Instead, try this life hack.

Throw your comforter that is “out of fluff” in the dryer with some tennis balls.

You may also do this on your pillows.



A comfortable bed makes a happy home.

So, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make your bed fluffy than it is.

If this helps you wake up in a good mood and ready to take up new challenges.

Remember to make your bed fluffy.

Layering is essential.

Layer and layer and layer until you get the fluffiness you wanted.

Too much isn’t bad.

Fill your bed with pillows, and you will feel like sleeping in the clouds.

Of course, this may make you lazy to go out of bed.

But, at least you have a relaxing bed.

A cozy and fluffy bed will always be the best way to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

So, try these tips on how to make your bed look fluffy.

And I hope you will be able to experience that.

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